It took Hoseok and Yoongi two minutes to exit the cave. ‘Do you think Jimin is still in there?’, Hoseok asked. He was worried about Jimin. ‘Like I care.’ ‘Yes you do.’ ‘Shut up, it was his own choice to run away.’ ‘Fine, just know that none of this is my fault.’, Hoseok growled. ‘Of course it isn’t, it’s not your fault that Jimin is such a-‘ Yoongi used a very unkind word. ‘Yoongi...?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Why are you so mad at him? You know that it’s not his fault that he has an eating disorder.’ Yoongi sighed and sat down on a rock. Hoseok sat down besides him. ‘I’m just so worried about that idiot.’ Hoseok lifted one eyebrow up. ‘Last time he starved himself, we almost lost him.’ Hoseok saw that Yoongi’s hand was trembling, and covered it with his own hand. ‘I was so scared when I got that call that he passed out while dancing and that he was in the hospital, and we all just let it happen.’ He clenched his fist. ‘We never told him to stop those fucking diets, we never questioned it when he lied that he ‘wasn’t hungry’ or ‘feeling sick’. We never told him to stop exercising and we never took him to the doctor because he looked so unhealthy. I felt so guilty, seeing him there in that hospital bed. When I thought I was going to loose him, I all thought it was my fault because I didn’t stop him from almost killing himself, blinded by dysmorphia. That’s why I don’t want to let it happen again.’ Hoseok squeezed Yoongi’s hand. ‘It was not your fault, Yoongi. Jimin has an eating disorder, that’s none of our faults, that’s just his broken brain.’ ‘He might not have been in the hospital because of me but we could have prevented it. We could have at least tried to stop him to show him we cared but we did nothing.’ Hoseok removed his hand from Yoongi’s and put it on the older’s knee. ‘He really means a lot to you, doesn’t he?’ Yoongi nodded, hesitated and then said: ‘I really like him.’ Hoseok laughed. ‘Don’t we all? He’s a really sweet and nice person and-‘ ‘I mean I really like him, more than I probably should.’ Hoseok first didn’t understand, but then raised his eyebrow so high that they disappeared under his hair. ‘You mean you...?’ Hoseok had a sly grin on his face. Yoongi looked down and nodded. ‘Someone is in looove~’, he teasingly sang. ‘Oh shut your mouth.’, Yoongi laughed. ‘For how long?’ Yoongi shrugged. ‘It wasn’t just there from one moment to another, it kind of came gradually.’ Hoseok started laughing in excitement. ‘Aish, get off me!’, Yoongi laughed when Hoseok started poking and hitting him. ‘Shall we continue with the game?’ Hoseok felt a bit uneasy. ‘Are you sure we shouldn’t go back to Jimin?’ ‘I don’t even know where he is, he’s probably with Taehyung and Jungkook or something, we shouldn’t worry that much, Hobi.’ ‘Fine.’ But he wasn’t very convinced.

‘There, the o!’, Jungkook exclaimed. They ran down a hill and stopped by the tree that Jungkook was pointing at. There, in thee tree, the paper with the letter hang. ‘How are we going to get that?’, the maknae asked. But Taehyung was already bending down. ‘Stand on my shoulders, you’ll be able to reach it when I stand upright.’ ‘Y-You sure that’s ok? I’m pretty heavy.’ ‘No you’re not, it’ll be fine.’ So Jungkook placed his sneakers on Taehyungs shoulders and held onto the tree so he wouldn’t fall off. ‘Are you okay?’, he asked the older. ‘I’m ok, you’re really light!’ Jungkook extended his arm the furthest he could and he stood on his tiptoes
‘Got it!’ Then suddenly, Taehyung stepped back in a quick motion which made Jungkooks toes slip off his shoulders. Jungkook prepared for the hard ground to hit him, but he felt Taehyungs hands around his waist, catching him and placing him gently with his feet on the ground. ‘Jesus Christ you almost gave me a heart attack.’ ‘You’re welcome.’ Jungkook wanted to move away so they could look for the next letter, but Taehyung turned him around so they were facing each other and put his hands on the brunettes shoulders. ‘May I ask you something?’ ‘Y-Yeah sure.’ Jungkook was not capable of looking into the older’s mesmerizing eyes and stared at the ground. ‘What’s been up with you lately?’ ‘What?’ ‘Ever since we visited the museum you’ve been acting weird.’ Jungkook could feel his cheeks heat up. ‘N-Nothing, I swear.’ ‘I don’t believe you.’ Taehyung removed one hand from his shoulder and grabbed Jungkooks chin, tilting it up so he was forced to look the blonde in his eyes. ‘I don’t know? Hormones or whatever?’ ‘What? You’re on your period?’, Taehyung laughed. Jungkook grinned too. ‘I just don’t know, ok? Just don’t worry too much about me, I’m doing fine.’ Taehyung released his grip on Jungkooks chin. ‘Okay, but please tell me if something is up, you know I’m there for you.’ Jungkook smiled. ‘Thank you, hyung.’ Taehyung ruffled the brunette’s hair. ‘Shall we go and find the next letter?’ ‘C’mon.’ They ran off further into the woods, up a hill. There were more trees on this hill, so they were constantly looking up if there were any letters in the trees again. But because they were looking up, Jungkook wasn’t paying attention to the roots of the trees on the ground. Taehyung heard a loud bang and a scream. He quickly turned around and saw Jungkook laying on the ground, his face in pain.

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