‘Jungkook!’ Taehyung ran towards his friend laying on the ground. Jungkook had his hands clunched around his right ankle with his eyes shut tight and biting his lip very hard. Taehyung immediately helped him up so he could sit properly. ‘What happened?’ ‘I tripped over a tree root and twisted my ankle.’ His voice sounded suffocated in pain. Taehyung felt helpless, not knowing what the hell to do to help him. ‘Is.. Is it broken? Can you move it?’ ‘I’m not sure, and yes I think I can move it.’ He carefully moves ankle and made a hissing sound. ‘I can move it.’ Jungkook sounded like he was being choked. ‘You want me to check if it’s broken?’ ‘You can do that?’ Taehyung nodded and Jungkook said: ‘Yes please.’ Taehyung sat down next to him and bowed forwards so he could reach the younger’s ankle. ‘Which one?’ ‘The r-right o-one.’ Jungkook put one hand on Taehyung’s upper back, clenching his fist around the fabric of Taehyung’s jacket, he was biting on his other fist. To make sure he wouldn’t hurt his friend too much, Taehyung first just gently touched his ankle. Jungkook let out a soft whimper but he seemed ok, so Taehyung twisted his ankle slowly a bit to the right. Immediately the grip on his jacket tightened and Jungkook let out a loud moan in pain. ‘I’m so sorry!’, Taehyung made his apology. ‘It’s ok.’ Jungkook shut his eyes again and tried to say silent while Taehyung was touching him. ‘I don’t think it’s broken, but we should take you back to the castle so a professional can take care of it. This stupid game can wait.’ ‘How? I can’t walk. Shouldn’t we call a teacher?’ ‘I can give you a piggyback ride.’, Taehyung grinned. Jungkook laughed but agreed and got on Taehyungs back. It was quite nice to feel the warmth of Taehyungs back against Jungkooks freezing body. There was a pretty strong wind out there that day and that made it feel way colder than it actually was. ‘Does it still hurt?’ Jungkook nodded. ‘Yes.’, he mumbled. ‘It’s going to be ok.’, Taehyung assured him. After walking for a while (and taking some rests because it was heavy to carry Jungkook on his back all the time while walking up and down on the hills) Jungkook asked: ‘Do you actually know where we are going?’ But at that moment, two people crossed their path. And oh boy, it was Jae and a friend of his. ‘Look who we got here~’, Jae sang. ‘Romantic.’, he said with derision while looking at Jungkook on Taehyungs back. Taehyung rolled his eyes and ignored Jae. Instead, he asked Jae’s friend which way the castle was. ‘Don’t you just ignore me, faggot!’ Jungkook was trembling in fear. What if Jae got mad and told Tae about his crush anyways? ‘I’m sorry Jae, but we really don’t have time for your childish games. Jungkooks ankle is injured and we need to get him back to the castle.’ ‘What got him injured? Were you guys fucking too rough?’ Jungkook looked at Jae furiously and Taehyung’s ears turned bright red. ‘Shut your fucking mouth Jae.’ ‘What? You’re not denying it.’ ‘Goodbye.’, Taehyung said dryly, and he walked past them. Jae seemed very mad but what could he do? It was not like he knew anything about Taehyung, so compared to how much power he had over Jungkook, he was defenseless. He decided to keep silent. But Jae was childish and did not like to loose, so he was already making a plan for how he could use Jungkook the next time. Maybe he would force him to break his friendship with Taehyung, or he would let him do something but still tell everyone anyways. He suddenly laughed about that idea. Poor Jungkook, he could already imagine his big eyes in shock terror when Taehyung would come to him with the news that he knew what kind of a faggot he was. But, Jae thought. I can do that later, because there’s still a whole lot of fun I can have with him.

‘There!’ Jin pointed at a big rock. ‘Where?’ ‘Behind that rock!’ Namjoon finally saw it and picked the letter up. ‘What the hell?!’ ‘What is it?’ Jin ran to Namjoon, afraid that something was wrong. But Namjoon only looked worried, and for some reason, Jin saw a spark of adoration is his eyes. He looked down at what Namjoon was looking at, and gasped. It was a young cat. Not exacly a kitten anymore, but still really young. ‘What is that doing here?’, Jin whispered. ‘I think it’s dumped by its owner, or it’s a stray cat.’ ‘I think it’s the first option, see, he still got a collar.’ It was true, there were still rests of a dirty, green collar on the neck of the cat. ‘What do we do with it? It might have a disease or something.’ ‘I’m not sure either... But it looks so skinny and unhealthy, if we don’t do anything it’ll die.’ Jin but his lip. ‘Maybe we can take it to the castle and then ask the teachers what to do?’ Namjoon nodded. ‘Good idea. I can keep it warm in my jacket.’ Carefully, Namjoon scooped the tiny cat up in his hands. The young, black cat barely moved, but it looked scared. ‘It’s ok.’, Jin whispered lovingly to the cat, and he gently petted its head with his index finger. Namjoon laughed at how tender and sweet Jin was with the cat. ‘You’d make a great dad.’, he joked. ‘Yes, call me daddy.’, Jin said with a smirk. Then they both bursted out into laughter. Namjoon had to be careful that he didn’t drop the cat. ‘Oh my gosh Jin, you pervert!’, he laughed. ‘I’m sorry I just had to.’, Jin giggled. ‘Oh, look out for the kitten!’, Jin warned, because Namjoon was shaking dangerously of laughter. ‘Let’s go back before the cat freezes to death.’, he said. He put the cat safely away in the inside of his jacket, holding it with one hand.

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