‘Guys!’, Taehyung yelled when he saw a silver and a pink head in the distance. Jin turned around. ‘Taehyung! Why is Jungkook on your back?’ ‘He got injured, we need to take him back to the castle. Do you guys know which way we need to go?’ Namjoon nodded and said: ’Follow us, we’re going back too.’ ‘Whoah, you guys have already found everything?’, Jungkook questioned. ‘No, we found a little cat that we need to bring back.’ The two younger boys stared at him as if he was joking, but then they saw the little black ball of fur in Namjoons hand. ‘What was it doing here alone in the woods?’ ‘We don’t know, but it was dying, so we took it with us.’ The boys nodded. ‘Do you want me to take Jungkook from you? It must be heavy carrying him all the time.’, Namjoon suggested. Jungkook expected Taehyung to happily agree because he was panting and sweating, but he shook his head. ‘It’s ok, I carry him.’, he said. Namjoon shrugged and started leading the way.

‘How many more letters do we need?’, Yoongi asked Hoseok. ‘One, only the t.’ ‘Maybe Jimin already found it..’, Yoongi mumbled. ‘I don’t think so, I don’t even think he continued to seek for letters. I think he’s either still in the woods with some other group or he returned to the castle.’ ‘Hoseok?’ Yoongi tapped his shoulder and pointed at a small but deep hole in the ground. ‘The t.’ Hoseok looked down in the hole. ‘It’s too deep, it must have been blown into here by the wind. I can’t reach it.’ ‘I can get in it, if you can pull me out again.’ Without waiting for an answer he jumped in and stuffed the piece of paper in his jacket. Hoseok got on his knees and pulled Yoongi out of the hole. ‘Can you at least try to help along a little bit?’, Hoseok growled while pulling him up. Yoongi nodded and tried to climb a little bit which got him out in no time. ‘Now let’s go back.’

‘Guys!’ Hoseok waved at his friends who were sitting on the ground at the place where the teachers told them to go when they were finished. ‘Ah, I see we’re late. You guys are all already finished?’ All the boys shook their heads. ‘We found a cat.’ ‘Kookie hurt his ankle really badly.’ ‘Oh, well then we did pretty well.’, Hoseok smiled. Yoongi was just frowning. ‘Isn’t Jimin with you guys?’, he asked. ‘Why would he be with us? He was at your group. Where is he?’ Yoongi sighed and sat down with his friends. ‘We don’t know, he ran off after a fight. We thought he might had joined any of your teams.’ Namjoon frowned and shook his head. ‘We didn’t see him.’ ‘We didn’t see him either.’ ‘What were you guys fighting about?’, Jungkook asked. ‘Well first he got mad because I made out with some girls on a party and then..’ Yoongi swallowed thickly. ‘I became really, really mad at him. I kind of regret getting so angry, I was just really shocked.’ ‘Why?’, Taehyung asked. Yoongi took a deep breath and whispered: ‘Jimin is dieting again.’ Everyone gasped loudly, and Hoseok put his hand on Yoongi’s knee again. And then, something happened that no one would quite expect: Jungkook burst out into tears. He covered his face and sobbed quietly, as if he would hope that no one would notice. Taehyung immediately pulled him close and hugged him tight. ‘It’s going to be ok.’, he whispered softly. ‘I.. I don’t want it to end up like it did last time.’, Jungkook cried. ‘Let’s not let it come that far.’, Namjoon said with confidence. ‘Maybe we can get a psychologist, or even send him to a clinic. That might sound undue, but what he is doing is not healthy and last time it almost killed him.’, Jin said. The boys nodded and Jungkook continued crying. ‘Hey Kook..’, Taehyung spoke in a soft tone as he stroked the younger’s hair. Jungkook looked up. ‘Don’t cry.’ Taehyung whipped away his tears but new ones kept coming and eventually he gave up. ‘Just let him cry.’, Jin whispered. Jungkook burried his face in Taehyungs neck while still sobbing loudly. ‘What’s wrong?’ The boys looked up and saw Mia, looking really worried. She sat down too and asked Hoseok: ’What happened?’ Hoseok bit his lip and mumbled: ’Jimin is dieting again.’ Mia raised an eyebrow, clearly not understanding the situation. Hoseok quickly realized that Mia only joined the school a shirt time ago and had no clue what was going on. ‘Last year, Jimin almost passed away because he was starving himself. We all thought he was recovering from his eating disorder but it turned out that we were wrong.’ Mia nodded, feeling sorry for Jimin. But she was also confused. ‘Eating disorder? Like anorexia? Don’t only girls have that?’ ‘No they don’t!’, Yoongi immediately said with anger in his voice. ‘That he is a boy does not mean that he can’t be ill! That he is a boy doesn’t mean that it’s not serious or that it’s not real!’ Hoseok grabbed Yoongi’s arm and whispered: ‘Calm down!’ He quickly looked over to Mia, expecting her to look scared. But she only looked sorry. ‘I’m sorry Yoongi, I didn’t mean it that way. I know that it’s very real and very serious, I was just surprised.’ Yoongi sighed. ‘It’s okay, sorry, I’m just really shit right now.’ ‘It’s okay, I understand it. Where is Jimin actually? Shouldn’t he be back in like five minutes?’ The boys shrugged and Hoseok said: ‘He’ll be back in time, I think he’s just having problems with finding the way back or something, you know, every tree looks the same.’ Mia had the feeling that something weird was up. Jimin was all alone in the woods and it was around the time that everyone needed to come back, and they weren’t even worried about him. He could have been lost, he could have been attacked by a bear. But it seemed like the friends were in denial that he could possibly be in any danger. Jungkook was still crying. He was so afraid to see Jimin suffer again, to almost loose him again. He was the last one to join the friend group when he entered school two years ago, and Jimin was the first friend he made on the new school. Jimin was always so sweet and nice to everyone, the world couldn’t afford losing someone pure like him. Taehyung was softly stroking his cheek with his thump, wiping the tears away. ‘This is hopeless.’, he whispered to Jin. ‘He won’t stop crying.’ Jin shrugged, not knowing how to calm him either. Taehyung then pulled Jungkook into his lap so they were facing each other. ‘Jungkook, Jimin will be ok.’, he said. ‘We will do everything to help him, ok?’ Jungkook nodded. Taehyung swallowed thickly. For some reason, he really adored the sight of the younger boy like that. He didn’t understand why he felt so attracted to the way that Jungkook was such a mess. He had red eyes and his cheeks were flushed and wet. He was weak and vulnerable, and Taehyung found that very attractive. But although it might have looked attractive, Taehyung also knew that he, as a friend, wanted Jungkook to be happy and not to be crying. He wanted to let him know that everything would be alright and he wanted to see his smile. Taehyung kissed the top of Jungkooks head. Hoseok could see Mia fangirling over the two boys being close. He gave her a wink.

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