Foto bij Avarill Kendra Reeve

Name: Avarill Kendra Reeve
Born: June 28th
Age: 17
Birthplace: Hastings
Gender: Female
Family: Clifton and Hildred Reeve (parents), Wystan Reeve (older brother)
Biography: Having grown up as the daughter of a well-faring business man, Avarill was never short of anything in her life. Her father is a trader in the havens of Hastings, one of the most important port cities in Britain. It leaves her spoiled and haughty, but at the same time she is fierce and does not easily accept being told what to do. She spends most of her day with her mother and other high ladies, and she's content with that. She is excited to court and get married, knowing that her father will make sure gets married to someone who will love and adore her, and who'll give her anything she wants. Despite having grown up in a port city, Avarill fears the ocean and all it holds, and tends to stay away from the havens. She is known in all of Hastings, as the red haired beauty with many adorers

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