His shoulder cape caught the wind as he looked out over the roofs of the cathedral district while the stars began traveling the sky.
'It is the same game, every day. What is the value of a human life? A variable to be calculated for profit?' Someone behind him pushed the doors open, his shoes made a tapping noise on the smooth stones that decorated the balcony.
'Having a debate with yourself Horic?' He adjusted his hat and tucked his long black hair behind his ears. His brown eyes devoid of any emotion always made him feel uncomfortable.
'Salivor, how did that thing go? I assume it is out of the way?' Salivor smiled, that little curl in the corner of his mouth. The devil's grin.
'Without a struggle. A low class trickster, one without a lot of experience. NuroCorp will be pleased I imagine.' Horic buttoned up his black leather long coat and nodded.
'I wouldn't doubt that, and I could imagine you enjoying such a dirty little job. What are our estimates for this month? Merrick would be furious if we're still making losses.'
'I would not worry, most loose ends are being tied up as we speak. But I'll see you tomorrow. 3rd floor of the Marquis, same as always.' Salivor's white coat caught the wind as he walked towards the doors adding a certain sense of drama to his departure.
Third floor of the Marquis. Of course my friend. Business as usual. Horic descended the stairs to the ground level of the cathedral and left the building.

This was the busiest floor of the Marquis. An almost ancient building re-purposed into a financial center for the city. Stock trading and most corporate headquarters where the notable points of the third floor. Horic pushed the door open and settled in the chair at the head of the table.
'Horic, good to see you.' The man in front of him looked old but sharp. His wit was the entire reason the company was still standing amidst being besieged from all sides.
'Mr. Dorel. I heard it was another hard night.' The man flinched for a second.
'Our losses are, as far as I am concerned safe to ignore for now. Rublyn, the kid you were working with while solving the death of director Landsman, do you remember him?' Horic leaned on his hand and nodded. The name rang a bell, good kid, not afraid to get his hands dirty but with a strong sense of self.
'We hired him now as part of information department.'
'What does that have to do with me?' Dorel walked across the room and touched a projector.
'This is a diagram of our current situation. We're expecting to make quite a profit, but there is a condition that need to be fulfilled first.' Horic straightened and folded his hands.
'I'm listening.'
'Good. You and Rublyn are the only ones to know of this. We can make a hefty profit if we manage to corner the market in the security sector. Our current target is an alliance of corporations working together to maximize their own gain. This leaves us, a rather small corporation, out of the equation.' Dorel's eyes were a light blue color with streaks of a darker shade, almost reflecting his personality.
'Excuse me, but if they are indeed working together, then how do we stand a chance of beating them?'
This game is taking on bigger proportions.
'Trust is a commodity in this world Horic. They work together, but no one trusts the other. We can undermine that trust.'
'By using the hand of trickster.' He pulled a card out of his pocket and played with it between his fingers. The smooth, gleaming black surface reflected the light in the room. Symbols were engraved into it with gold.
'You have always been our top man. Don't let me down, you know the stakes.' Horic stood up. He adjusted his hat so his eyes were barely visible.
'I do. They're high this time.' He walked out of the room without saying another word.
'Rublyn will be in touch.' Dorel said before he turned around the corner.

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