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Hey you guys. This story deserves something of an introduction because this whole thing is going to be confusing as fuck for both me, and you -as a reader-. I don't want to give away too much of the story yet as I believe it will be more exciting to find out what exactly happened to the world, and to our star of the show, the Inspector while reading the story. But I want to give you all a bit of a head start to get the setting going.

So here we go:

It's the year 2187. Humanity has mostly recovered from the Creator's Uprising, but the effects of the war are still painfully evident. Crime is at an all time high and abductions are as common as drinking coffee was back in 2000. Nearly fifty percent of the population in the big cities has been cloned. Mostly involuntarily. Reality is, solving crime when there are at least 3 of everyone is damn near impossible. Information is shattered across old age technology and new age machines like the clones. Finding information that makes up the pieces to a puzzle that solves the crime is much like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but that doesn't stop our Inspector from trying -and most likely failing-.

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