‘Jimin!’, Yoongi screamed. He ran towards where the sound came from. He ended up on a sort of stone bridge. Around three meters down there was a sort of tiny lake. ‘Jimin!?’, he yelled again. ‘Yoongi!’, Jimin cried out. Yoongi finally saw Jimin. He was in the water. ‘Thank God!’ Yoongi felt so relieved that he could cry. ‘How did you end up there??’ Jimin pointed at a piece of the wooden tracks. ‘They broke and I slipped.’ Without hesitation, Yoongi sat down and slowly let himself sink into the water. Now that he was close, he could see what a mess Jimin was. His orange hair was wet and sticked to his forehead. His eyes were teary, swollen and red like his nose because he had been crying. His cheeks were flushed bright red and his plump lips were a bit blue because of the cold. He was trembling and his teeth were chattering. ‘Jimin, I want you to go back to the others and tell them that I’m here.’ Yoongi pointed at the direction that he came from. ‘I’ll get you out.’ He took Jimins arm and pulled him with him through the water. When he was about to lift Jimin up, he said: ‘Hyung, wait.’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Why didn’t you go back yourself to get the others? I could’ve just stayed in here for a few more minutes.’ ‘No you couldn’t, you’ll get way too cold. You have already been in this cold water for pretty long and you have barely flesh on your body to keep yourself warm.’ Then he lifted Jimin up. ‘Grab that rock over there.’, he grunted. Jimin got hold of the rock and managed to pull himself up. Yoongi extended his arms the furthest he could so he could help Jimin get completely up, but it was still pretty high. ‘I’ll be back the quickest I can!’

‘Yoongi!’ Yoongi heard Hoseoks voice after a few minutes. The teacher was leading the way while the two boys followed. They were walking while Hoseok was backhugging Jimin. Yoongi gave Hoseok a warning glare and he immediately let go of Jimin. ‘Let’s tie our coats together so we can use it as a rope to pull Yoongi out.’, Yun suggested. Then he looked over to the cold Jimin with a concerned look. ‘You better keep your coat on.’ Hoseok and Yun tied their coats together and Yun swung them over the edge. Yoongi could just reach the sleeve of Yun’s coat. He used one hand to hold the coats while climbing up the rocks with the other one. It was hard,because he didn’t want to rip the coats or damage them. But he got up far enough so that Yun could grab his arms and pull him up with Hoseoks help. ‘We must go back and tell everyone that it’s ok.’ Jimin nodded but Yoongi grabbed Jimin wrist. While looking down he said: ‘I’m sorry Jimin, for getting so mad and yelling at you like that.And I’m really glad that you’re safe.’ Jimin gave a sad smile. ‘Don’t apologize, it was a natural reaction. To be honest, I’m kind of flattered that you were so worried, it shows that you really care about me.’, Jimin said as he blushed slightly. And then Yoongi did something that he had never done before: he hugged Jimin. Hoseok gave Jimin an eyebrow wiggle behind Yoongi’s back and Jimin rolled his eyes. ‘Let’s get back before people get worried.’

‘Guys, you found him!’, Jin exclaimed with relief. Namjoon and Mia had already come back. They were all very happy and relieved to see Jimin and Jungkook almost brut out into tears again. ‘Whoah Jimin, why are you wet?’, Taehyung asked. ‘Jimin is always wet.’, Namjoon smirked. ‘Namjoon!’ Jimin hit him, laughing embarrassed. ‘Dirty old man!’ ‘You are a dirty old man!’, Namjoon defended himself. They were interrupted by the teacher telling the students that Jimin was safe and that they needed to go back to the castle quickly.’ On the way back the rest told Jimin about the cat and Jungkooks ankle. All the other classmates were very relieved that Jimin was found and Jimin himself felt a bit guilty for worrying everyone like that. In the castle, Yoongi and Jimin went back to their room to get themselves warm and dry clothes and shower a bit. Namjoon and Jin went to the kitchen with a teacher to get some food for the cat. Taehyung and Hoseok stayed with Jungkook while Yun was calling with a doctor about what to do. Yun put the phone away. ‘You’re lucky, Jungkook. You won’t have any permanent damage and it’s not broken. The doctor just thinks you have a contusion. All you have to do is just be careful and watch out to not overtax it, then it’ll heal quickly. When you are able to walk around, you need to bind it to give it extra support. We will put some tight bandages around it for now. I think you can find something to put around it at the drugs store at home.’ Jungkook nodded. ‘Thank you, sensei.’ ‘You’re welcome, boy. Just wait here and I’ll bring you some bandages.’ Taehyung sighed in relief. ‘I’m glad that it isn’t so bad. Does it still hurt?’ Jungkook shrugged. ‘It hurts less, but it’s still painful.’ Yun came back and then bandaged Jungkooks ankle. ‘Try to stand on it.’ Jungkook stood up and clenched his teeth. ‘Is it okay?’, Hoseok asked. ‘It hurts, but it’s ok.’ ‘Could you try to walk a little?’ Jungkook wobbled around a bit and smiled. ‘Let’s get back to our rooms, let me help you, Kookie.’, Hoseok suggested, as he swung his arm around the youngest. Taehyung immediately touched Hoseoks arm and said. ‘It’s okay, I’ll help him.’ Hoseok burst out into laughter. ‘Well Someone is jealous~’, he sang. Taehyung blushed. ‘Shut up, it’s just handy because we share a room.’

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