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Yoongi was waiting for Jimin to get out of the shower so they could go to Taehyung and Jungkooks room to play truth or dare. They had also invited Mia, who was happy to join. After talking a bit, the other guys were starting to like her as well. Maybe they could even become friends. ‘Are you almost done?’, Yoongi yelled towards the bathroom door. ‘Y-Yes, hyung!’ A few seconds later Jimin walked out of the shower with dripping wet hair. Yoongi almost let out a startled scream and he felt like he had never been this red before in his life because of what stood in front of him. Jimin was wearing no shirt... But Jimin looked like he couldn’t care less and quickly walked up to his suitcase to grab a sweatshirt. Yoongi did not only feel extremely flustered, but also very concerned. Jimin was even skinnier than he thought. His ribs and collarbones were very visibly sticking out and in general his pale skin looked way too tight around his oh so visible bones. Although he had abs, his stomach still looked terrifyingly hollow. The sweatshirt that he was wearing was way too baggy while the length was perfectly fine. His stomach growled. Immediately he wrapped his arms around it and skittishly looked over to Yoongi, anxious that he might have heard it. ‘Jimin, may I ask you for a favor?’ Jimin anxiously stared at Yoongi. ‘Please eat something tonight. We’ll have tons of snacks and fun, please eat with us. And with eating I do not mean stuffing something into your mouth and purposely throwing it up again after five minutes.’ Jimin looked guilty. ‘Hyung, this is hard... You must understand that it does not work that easily...’ Yoongi nodded. ‘Of course Jimin, of course. I totally understand and respect that but please... at least try to. We’ll get you help after this trip I promise, but please just try to join us, okay?’ Jimin suddenly looked terrified. ‘H-Help? I don’t need help!’ Yoongi rolled his eyes. ‘So you are planning on dying again?’ ‘Of course not!’ ‘Then don’t you want to get better? Don’t you want to be able to enjoy food again and be happy with what you see in the mirror?’ Jimin furiously shook his head. ‘I will be happy with my mirror image if I work harder, and not be a lazy ass sitting around all day doing nothing but gaining fat. You know what? Let’s just... let’s just not talk about this right now, okay? Tonight is supposed to be fun and crazy.’ Yoongi nodded. ‘Fine.’ He hesitated for a moment, and then leaned in to hug Jimin again for the second time that day. Jimin was a bit surprised, but he had to admit that those hugs from Yoongi he had gotten that day, we’re probably the nicest he had ever gotten. They were so full of love and meaning and Yoongi’s body was so soft and huggable. The not-so-big height difference was nice too, at least a lot nicer than hugging Namjoon who was almost a head taller than him. ‘Let’s go to Taekooks room.’ ‘Yeah, let’s.’

‘Hi guys.’, Yoongi greeted his friends. Jimin sneezed. ‘Oh no, don’t hope you’ll get sick.’, Namjoon said. ‘I don’t hope so either.’ Jimin sat down next to Mia who was sitting next to Hoseok. Jin had his head on Hoseoks lap and his feet were laying on Namjoons legs. He looked tired. ‘You’re not going to sleep, aren’t you?’, Yoongi asked Jin. ‘I’m just tired.’, Jin hummed back. There were all sitting in a circle on the ground with some snacks and drinks in the middle. ‘So who’s going to start?’, Mia asked. Hoseok pulled out a water bottle. ‘Let’s have the bottle decide.’ He placed the bottle in the middle of the circle and let it spin. It was ended on Jin. ‘Dare.’ Hoseok bought for a moment. ‘I dare you to drink water with your nose.’ Jin laughed. ‘How?’ ‘Just put a straw in your nose and snort.’ Jin got up to get a glass of water and a straw. ‘Okay, here we go.’ He placed the straw in his nose and inhaled. He immediately started coughing and almost spilled the water. ‘Ew gross.’, Jimin giggled. ‘Ugh that hurts.’, Jin said with a sour face. He spun the bottle. ‘Jungkook.’ ‘Truth.’ ‘Have you ever kissed someone?’ Jungkook blushed and immediately shook his head. Without giving the others the chance of making any comments, he spun the bottle that ended up on Hoseok. ‘Dare.’ ‘Make a handstand and then sing a song while you’re upside down.’ Hoseok giggled and stood up. ‘Now hoping no one opens the door...’, he mumbled before getting on his hands and swinging his legs in the air. He was standing against the door so he wouldn’t fall over. Immediately, his shirt slipped down and covered his face so no one could see his laughing face while he was singing a Christmas song. ‘Nice abs.’, Taehyung grinned. Hoseok blushed embarrassed. He spun the bottle and it ended up in Namjoon. ‘Truth or dare?’ ‘Truth.’ ‘Would you, If you had the chance, make out with Jin-hyung?’ ‘What!?’, Jin yelled. He looked over to Namjoon for support in stating that that was an absolute stupid and embarrassing question, but Namjoon just shrugged. ‘Yeah sure.’, he said dryly. Jin blushed heavily and hid his face in his hands while Namjoon started laughing. The rest started laughing too and nobody knew wether Namjoons answer was supposed to be a joke or not. The bottle ended on Taehyung. ‘Dare.’, he said immediately. ‘Wear one of Jungkooks boxers on your head until the next round.’ ‘Excuse me!?’, Jungkook yelled out. But Taehyung laughed and got up. He got a black boxer out of Jungkook suitcase and put the piece of underwear on his head. Jungkook could eventually laugh about how stupid Taehyung looked too, but it was still embarrassing that it was his underwear on his head. ‘Mia is next!’, Taehyung said when the bottle ended on Mia. ‘Truth.’ Taehyung giggled and hesitated a bit, not sure wethe his question was appropriate to ask. ‘Okay I know this is a bit of a weird question, but I’ve always just been curious. Is having your period really that bad?’ Mia’s eyes widened and Namjoon could see how there was a storm of arguments about to come out of her mouth. ‘Oh dear lord, yes! It’s the worst!.’ ‘But why? What makes it that bad?’ ‘You have terrible stomach cramps, you constantly feel sick and weak, your mood is terrible, everything hurts, tampons are uncomfortably painful and with pads you’re basically sitting and walking around in your own blood all day. And don’t even get me started on gross blood-stained laundry. It’s all absolutely terrible and the grossest thing ever.’ Taehyung heard that she was being dead serious. She spinned the bottle and it ended on Hoseok again. ‘Dare.’ Mia thought for a moment before asking Yoongi for help because she couldn’t think of anything. Mia shook her head. ‘No he can’t do that.’, she giggled. Yoongi covered her mouth and said in a dry, monotone voice: ’Lick the floor.’ To everyone’s surprise, Hoseok shrugged, bend over and touched the floor with the tip of his tongue. ‘Gross.’, everyone laughed as he licked his lips like it was the best meal he had ever had. The next question was for Jimin. ‘Truth or dare?’ ‘Truth.’ ‘Have you ever cried over a movie?’ Jimin burst out into laughter. ‘Way too many times, I would probably still cry my eyes out over the Teletubbies.’ The bottle ended on Namjoon again. ‘Truth.’ ‘How did you find out you were gay?’ Namjoon shrugged. ‘I don’t know, I just noticed how girls didn’t really do it for me and how I thought that some dudes were very attractive.’ ‘Like Jin-hyung?’, Hoseok teased. Namjoon winked at Jin. ‘Especially Jin-hyung.’ Everyone got a few more stupid and funny questions and dares, before everyone ran out of creative things to ask, so the questions started to get more perverted. ‘Mia, would you ever fuck with a girl?’, Jimin asked. She frowned. ‘I’m not a lesbian. But I think that if I would, I would have a good reason for it and I must love her very much, so I don’t know, maybe.’ And then, after a few more rounds, Hoseok spinned the bottle and it ended on Jimin. ‘Give a lap dance to..’ He looked around the room, let his eyes rest a bit too long in Yoongi, and then said:’Let’s it the bottle decide.’ Hoseok tried to spin the bottle so it would end up on Yoongi, but it got on Taehyung whi was sitting next to Yoongi instead. ‘Yes, boyfriend reunion!’, Namjoon yelled. Both Jimin and Taehyung gave him a deadly glare. ‘Boyfriends?’, Mia asked Hoseok. Hoseok chuckled. ‘In our first year of highschool, Jimin and Taehyung dated each other for a week. But then they both realized it wasn’t working out so they broke up.’ Taehyung flicked Hoseoks head. ‘Hey stop it! It was only a week, and don’t just tell everyone that, it’s really embarrassing!’ ‘We like to tease them about it.’, Hoseok explained to Mia. Jimin winked at Taehyung. ‘It might have been embarrassing, but you were a good kisser.’ Taehyung let out an outraged yelp. ‘Shut up, we only kissed once!’ ‘It was a good kiss, though.’ ‘You’re unbelievable, Jimin.’ ‘I know.’ Taehyung sat down on a chair and groaned. ‘Just put the music on already and let me out of this hell.’ Hoseok put on some music. ‘Well’, Jimin interrupted. ‘I am not a dirty pervert and I have no idea how to lap dance.’ Hoseok made a hand gesture like he was waving away what Jimin said. ‘You’re a dancer, just dance around on his lap a little.’ ‘You guys are such perverts.’, Jimin mumbled as he got on Taehyungs lap, facing each other. In Jungkooks opinion, Jimin seemed to be enjoying the situation way too much. He had his hands tangled into Taehyungs hair and was constantly giggling. Taehyung however was hiding his face in his hands, not showing his embarrassed, red face. Jungkook felt a bit worried. They seem to be having fun... What if Taehyung starts to like Jimin again? Jimin used to be his type after all, and I’m not even close to that. I’m nearly as cute, funny, goofy or skinny as him. Jimin always seemed to have liked Taehyung too, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together... It’s not like Taehyung would ever develop any feelings for me, so why not Jimin? He is an amazing person after all.., Jungkook thought. Yoongi was quite pissed too. He couldn’t help but feel jealous and awkward about the situation. He leaned over to Hoseok and whispered: ‘I hate you.’ in his ear. ‘Can I stop already?’, Jimin complained. ‘Fine.’ Hoseok turned off the music. ‘Let’s see who’s the next victim...’ Jimin spinned the bottle. It ended on Namjoon. ‘Truth.’ ‘What’s up with you choosing truth all the time?’, Taehyung questioned. Namjoon shrugged. Jimin thought of a question for a while. ‘Have you ever thought that, in a boxing match, your opponent was hot?’ Namjoon and Jin both started boxing lessons together two years ago and since a year they were doing a lot of matches lately. Namjoon shrugged again. ‘I’ve competed against Jin enough times so absolutely, yes.’ Again, no one was sure wether he was joking or not but again he started laughing and Jin stared blushing. ‘Yoongi!’ ‘Dare, and give me a good one.’ ‘Kiss the person that the bottle ends up on.’ Some people gasped. ‘Please don’t end on me.’, Jin whispered as he crossed his fingers. ‘Gross.’, Yoongi mumbled as he spun the bottle. They all watched as it slowly stopped spinning, pointing at one person.

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