Alice woke up the next morning with a slight headache. It wasn't the wine, since she did not feel nauseous or more lifeless than usual. It took her only a few seconds to realize that her headache had been caused by the snoring of the person next to her.
Elias was spread out over her bed, his legs and arms taking up as much space as he could. Now that she watched him sleep, Alice found it a miracle that he hadn't woken her up. A little disgusted at his snoring, she decided did not to care to be silent when she got out of bed to walk towards the bathroom. The first thing Alice did was lock the door and put on the shower. The water clattered against the dark pieces natural stone that was as well decorating her shower as her sink. The first thing she took was her body wash. Alice started scrubbing her body like she had not showered for days.
It took only a few minutes before she had turned up the heat until her skin turned as red as a lobster. Together with the scrubbing - with which she removed the first few layers of her skin - her body soon started to feel clean. She could still feel Elias's hands on my body from last night and only after she had washed herself multiple times the feeling faded away.

Half an hour passed since Alice had turned on the shower and after a few more minutes, she was able to put it off again. She dried herself off and walked, naked, towards the closet. There, she chose simple lingerie - since it was Sunday after all and she for once did not have anything to do - some black skinny jeans and a simple white blouse. It looked casual, as she normally wore more expensive clothing.
Back in the bathroom Alice dried her hair and tried to shape it a bit. Her hair fluffed up a bit every time she used the hairdryer, but with a few quick combs with her fingers, her hair returned back to straight. For once, she put on a ponytail. She applied her make-up, leaving her usual red lipstick. When Alice was done and looked in the mirror, she looked nothing like herself. Casual did not fit her well and she did not like her pale lips like that. Yet, there was no one she needed to look good for and the lipstick would only ruin her glasses every time she tried to take a sip.
After almost an hour, Alice was finally able to unlock the bathroom door again. Elias laid, with his legs still spread, in her bed. He had woken up and now rested with his back against the bedframe, playing some stupid fighting game on his phone while he waited for me to come back in. By the look of his body language, he had not yet put on any underwear. Alice lifted her nose in a somewhat arrogant manner.
When he noticed her coming in, he looked up for a few seconds to smile, then returned to his game.
"Your turn," Alice said coldly. Elias paused his game, nodded and stood up. She looked away as he did so. Now that the sensational rush of last night was gone, she did not wish to look at his sex again - she might even feel a tad appalled as well.
He passed me, but right before he entered the bathroom, Alice felt his hand slip into hers. It almost felt like an electric shock and she immediately took her hand back, startled at the touch. She looked up, annoyedly. Elias realized his mistake and placed his hand awkwardly behind his back. He cleared his throat.
"I could also stay here if you want. It's Sunday, we're both off for today and-"
"If you ever propose that again, I will be obliged to find someone who can replace you, Mr. Thompson."
Elias frowned at Alice's icy reply. Even though he had expected an answer like that, he had not been able to imagine how easily it had come out of my mouth. At the look in her eyes he knew she meant it. He knew she could get anyone that she wanted. He was not special to her and Alice hoped he knew he was merely a toy she liked to use every once in a while.
She did not know what was going on in Elias's mind but she hoped he knew. The look in his eyes told her he did, or at least was reminded of it.
He slowly nodded and silently walked towards the bathroom. He did not lock it. Elias never locked it. Alice reckoned he invited her to follow him, to re-start their shameful actions of last night or dare her to show anything else than the occasional lustful feelings. She wondered if he hoped that she would fall from him.
Alice never followed him, nor would ever.

About a quarter later, he returned towards the bedroom, fully dressed. By then, Alice had retreated to the living room. She had turned the TV on, so she could hear the news play as she was busy in the kitchen preparing a meal for herself. It was half past ten already and her stomach had started to growl.
The breakfast was simple; two pieces of toast covered in a thin layer of Philadelphia and a cup of damping, black coffee. Alice preferred to drink it strongly, as the other sweeter and lighter variants tended not to have any effect anymore on her.
Elias stepped into the living room wearing the clothes of yesterday evening.
"I will meet you at work, Mr. Thompson," Alice said to him, before he could open his mouth.
"Yes, of course," Elias answered curtly. He eyed my plate curiously. "Won't we be grabbing breakfast on the road, as we always do?"
She shook my head. "I have an appointment to attend to which you have intend of joining. You will be eating alone."
"An appointment? It's Sunday."
She looked up at him, annoyance displaying in her eyes. A sigh left her mouth that indicated how she thought of him: as stupid.
"Who said it was a business meeting, Elias?" Alice bit at him. "I will see you at work."
She added the last bit with a lousy wave of her hand. Elias understood the hint, nodded shortly and took his coat from the rug of the couch. Without putting it on, he walked towards the front door, opened and left.
Alice let out a relieved sigh. Oh, how people were exhausting.

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