Sorry that this chapter is a bit short!

Jimin sighed and whispered: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ Yoongi blushed, nodded and smiled. He let his hand slip down to caress Jimins upper thigh. ‘I will.’ He let his tired head rest on Jimins schouder as they were hugging. ‘I’m so lucky.’, Yoongi said in a breathy whisper. ‘Why?’ ‘Do you even need to ask that? I swear Jimin, you’re a god. I bet straight boys would still hit on you, you’re like everything a man wants.’ Jimin blushed deeply at those words. ‘I’m not that special..’, he mumbled. ‘Yes you are, you’re so sweet, nice, funny, caring, cute, strong and you’re so beautiful. Even your flaws and insecurities are attractive. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you.’ Jimin laughed. ‘Jeez Yoongi, you sound like a sappy kdrama, a little less cliché please.’ Yoongi chuckled. ‘Sorry, I’m just really bad at coming up with original compliments or sweet things to say. What I’m trying to say is just that I love yiu and that you’re gorgeous.’ ‘I’m really not.’, Jimin laughed. ‘Yes you are.’ ‘No I’m not, look at me. Look at my thighs, they’re enormous. They’re so thick and fat and I hate it.’ Yoongi blinked in surprise. ‘Dude what the actual fuck! If anyone is not fat, it’s you. I’m being honest with you, Jimin, you’re so super skinny that it’s actually making me scared. And not that you’re ugly, you’re still the modest stunning creature in the world, but it’s very concerning.’ ‘I’m not that skinny...’, Jimin mumbled as he squeezed his own upper thigh. Yoongi covered Jimins hand with his own. ‘I like boys with thick thighs, it’s sexy.’, he said. Jimin burst out into laughter and he hit Yoongi’s arm. ‘You pervert!’ Yoongi laughed too. ‘I’m just being honest, it’s attractive.’ Yoongi laid down again. ‘So what do you like in a guy?’, Yoongi asked in an over-flirtatious voice. Jimin giggled and shrugged. ‘I don’t know, everything that you have.’ ‘Just name one thing.’ Jimin thought for a moment. ‘I really like your hair. Your deep voice is really attractive too.’ Yoongi smiled and placed a soft peck on Jimins lips. He expected Jimin to get shy and giggle, but instead he grabbed Yoongi’s collar to pull him close again. ‘I don’t care that I’ll go to hell. If we gotta sin, we better do it right.’, he whispered a few inches away from Yoongi’s face. Yoongi could feel his breath on his lips. Before giving him fhe chance to respond, Jimin crashed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Yoongi felt so incredibly lucky for not only meeting and knowing a guy like Jimin, but also being able to actually be intimate with him like he had always fantasized of. Yes, Yoongi felt a bit guilty about it, but he had always been fantasizing about Jimin confessing his love to him and then ending up in a make out session. Jimin on the other hand didn’t think that much while they were kissing, his mind was only filled with lust and desire and he let that feeling take over as he roughly clawed through Yoongi’s hair, pulling him the closest as he could. His body was logging for contact with Yoongi’s. He wanted to feel loved and he wanted to get attention and now both things were being given to him, he wasn’t planning on letting it go soon. But then Jimin pulled Yoongi’s hair a bit too hard. ‘I’m sorry, are you okay?’, Jimin asked. Yoongi felt a bit dissapointed that Jimin had ended the kiss for such a stupid, unimportant question. ‘I liked it, do it again.’ Jimin blushed and Yoongi smirked, then he laughed and pulled Jimin closer again. He kissed him slower now, with more love but definitely more passion. ‘I love you so much.’, he whispered in between lips. They both wished for the moment to go on forever, but they were humans, and needed oxygen. When they broke apart, they were heavily panting, needy for oxygen. Jimin wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s waist and pulled him down so they were laying down on the grass again. Jimin nuzzled into Yoongi’s neck as he made himself comfortable on top op Yoongi. They were laying down so they were cuddling chest-to-chest. Yoongi got his phone out and kissed the top of Jimins head. ‘What are you doing?’, Jimin mumbled. ‘I’m taking a picture, just as a memory to look back at later.’ Jimin hummed in approval and hugged Yoongi tighter. ‘Send it to me when you’re done.’, he mumbled. Yoongi chuckled and took another picture as he stroked through Jimins hair. ‘We should get back before they might notice that we’re gone.’, the oldest boy mumbled. ‘I don’t want to.’, the younger growled back. ‘We should get to sleep.’ ‘Can’t we sleep here?’ ‘No.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Jimin, you’re being stupid, let’s get back.’ Jimin pouted. ‘Fine.’

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