It was the next morning, everyone was slowly waking up and getting ready. Jungkook was happily surprised that when he got up to go to the toilet, he could almost walk properly again. It was still a bit weak and it did still hurt, but it healed way quicker than he would have expected. Jimin and Yoongi ended up falling asleep together on Jimins bed, loosely hugging each other.
‘Hyung, wake up!’ Namjoon repeatedly shaked Jins shoulder but he didn’t open one eye. Namjoon poked Jins face and Jin groaned, but turned around and continued sleeping. ‘Wake up!!’, Namjoon now yelled, and he tugged on Jin a bit more aggressive. Jin finally opened his eyes and looked around in confusion. ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing, but you need to get up. The teachers are expecting us for breakfast downstairs in five minutes.’ Jin groaned and got out of bed, shivering because of the cold outside the warm blankets. ‘Just get dressed already.’ Jin nodded and rubbed his eyes. ‘I think I left my clothes in the bathroom yesterday.’, Jin mumbled as he almost crawled towards the bathroom. Namjoon felt a bit pity for him, the poor boy looked so messy and tired. ‘Namjoon?’, Jin yelled from the bathroom that was filled with the sound of flowing water. ‘Yes?’ ‘What am I doing in the bathroom again and why am I washing my hands?’ Namjoon chuckled and told Jin why he was there and that he had no idea why he was washing his hands. Jin got out, slapped himself in the face and mumbled: ‘The clothes.’ He turned around to get his clothes, the real reason why he went to the bathroom in the first place. Jin started undressing and dressing up in the middle of the room, not bothering about Namjoons presence. ‘Hyung, you’re putting your shirt on inside-out.’, Namjoon pointed out. ‘Oh... yeah, right.’ Jin took his shirt off to make it that the right side was on the outside. ‘What’s been up with you, hyung?’, Namjoon asked while Jin was walking back into the bathroom again to get his belt that he forgot. ‘What?’ ‘You’re acting like my grandfather, you’re being so absentminded and distracted.’ Jin rubbed the back of his head. ‘I don’t know, Joon. It just feels like my brain is broken, like it won’t function properly anymore. I forget everything and I can barely think. Do you think I’m going mad?’ Namjoon shook his head. ‘You’re not going mad, Jin. I think you’re just being way too busy and stressed with school. Have you been sleeping properly lately?’ Jin but his lip. ‘I assume that’s a ‘no’.’ Jin nodded. ‘Have you been eating properly?’ Jin nodded. ‘Do you stay hydrated?’ Jin nodded again. Namjoon patted Jin’s wide shoulder. ‘I think you should just get more sleep then.’ ‘That’s the point, I am going to bed in time, I just don’t fall asleep. It just won’t work.’ Namjoon frowned. ‘Do you know what’s keeping you up?’ Jin shrugged, ‘I don’t know, I usually just feel restless and stressed.’ ‘I can help you relax tonight, if you want me to. I’ll make you tea or whatever.’ Jin smiled. ‘Thank you, that would be really nice.’ Namjoon smiled back. ‘No problem. Should we go downstairs for breakfast?’ The pink haired boy nodded. ‘Let’s.’

‘Good morning, hyung.’, Jimin yawned. Yoongi was sitting at the table, listening to music. He pulled out his earbuds. ‘Good morning Jimin. If you want to, you don’t have to call me hyung anymore.’ Jimin nodded. ‘Okay, Yoongi-oppa.’ Yoongi choked on the air. ‘Please don’t call me oppa.’ Jimin laughed. ‘I was joking with you.’ Yoongi finally looked up from his phone, and almost choked again. ‘Jesus Christ Jimin, please put clothes on.’, he coughed. Jimin was only wearing boxers. ‘Why?’ ‘Because you’re right in front of me!’ ‘So? I thought you wouldn’t mind.’ ‘Just stop teasing me and put on a damn shirt!’ Jimin giggled. ‘Are you jealous?’ ‘I’m not jealous, I’m gay! Now put ya pants on, boy!’ Jimin burst out into laughter and finally put in some clothes. ‘It’s so warm with clothes on.’ ‘Jesus Christ Jimin, just stop complaining.’ ‘But I’m hottt.’, he pouted. ‘Yes and that’s why you should keep your damn clothes on and get ready for breakfast.’ It was clear that they both used a other definition of the word ‘hot’. ‘Are you almost done, Jimin?’ Jimin was taking long in the bathroom. ‘Go fuck yourself, Yoongi!’, Jimin yelled back. ‘Nah, I’ll let you do that.’ ‘Yoongi!!’ Yoongi laughed about Jimins embarrassed yelp. After a minute, Jimin finally got out, wearing an oversized sweatshirt that gave him sweater paws and with skinny jeans embracing his legs. His hair was messy and cute. ‘You look adorable.’, Yoongi chuckled, and he ruffled his orange hair. Jimin gave him a flattered smile and leaned forward to kiss Yoongi. Yoongi was surprised, he didn’t expect Jimin to be so... dominant. Jimin smiled into the kiss as he deepened it, pushing Yoongi against the wall. Yoongi stroked Jimins cheek, holding his chin in place. They were both so involved in the kiss that they didn’t hear someone opening the door. Taehyung was leaning against the doorpost, smirking widely. ‘Wow Yoongi, I didn’t know that Jimins tongue was a part of that breakfast you were looking forward to as well.’ Yoongi turned around with a shock. ‘Have you been watching us!?’, he snapped. ‘I just opened the door!’l Taehyung defended himself. ‘I’m going to kick your ass, Kim Taehyung!’ ‘Please protect me, Jimin! Your boyfriend is being scary!’ ‘Yes sure, yell it louder so everyone in the hotel can hear it.’, Yoongi said bitterly sarcastic. Taehyung shrugged. ‘It isn’t like it was already super-totally obvious that you guys like each other. It surprises me that it took you guys so long to finally get together.’ ‘Just shut up, okay?’, Yoongi sighed.

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