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‘You finally there?’, Namjoon asked. ‘They were snogging.’, Taehyung said as if it was the modest normal thing in the world, and he sat down next to Jin. ‘They were what?!’, Jin yelled. Jungkook blushed at what Taehyung said, unable to think of the idea of his two friends kissing each other. Yes, he had seen it the day before, but that was a dare. ‘Jesus Jin, never heard of kissing before?’, Yoongi said irritated as he sat down on the table in the breakfast hall too. ‘But... I... I didn’t know you...’, Jin stambled. ‘How long have you been together?!’, he asked outraged and shocked because they hadn’t told him that they were dating. ‘Just since yesterday. Jeez, calm the fuck down.’ Yoongi sounded tired. Jimin giggled awkwardly and sat down on a chair as well, nibbling on a piece of toast. Then Jin smiled a little. ‘I’m glad you guys are happy.’ ‘Yeah thanks.’, Yoongi mumbled. He didn’t like it when people would interfere with his love life. It was something personal that was none of Jins business. The others decided not to talk about it anymore, but secretly they were all fanboying over the fact that their friends who liked each other were now finally dating. They had a bike trip that morning that lasted until the late afternoon. It was a bit difficult for Jungkook to ride his bike, so he lifted along on the back of the bikes of his friends. First he rode with Taehyung, then Namjoon, Jimin, Jin, and then Taehyung again. Then, they went to the town. They were let free, as long as they were back before the next morning. There was a cable car that could bring them back to the castle up the mountain when they would throw a few coins in. That was also how they got down in the first place. ‘Let’s go clubbing!’, Namjoon proposed. ‘Let’s eat dinner somewhere first, it’s only seven o’clock.’ Namjoon sighed. ‘Fine. What are we going to eat? Let’s keep it cheap.’ ‘We could get some hamburgers.’, Taehyung suggested. Jimin turned pale and his friends noticed that. ‘It’s going to be okay, Jimin. You won’t get fat from just one hamburger. Look at Namjoon, he eats hamburgers almost every single day. Is he fat?’ ‘N-No! Of course not. But I gain weight way easier and it’s different.’ ‘No you don’t.’, Jin said. Yoongi grabbed Jimins hand. ‘Just eat what you can, okay?’ ‘Fine.’, Jimin growled.

After they were done eating and looking around in the town a little bit, they went to a club. ‘We’re teenagers, we have to do this!’, Hoseok had exclaimed. So they all went inside of the hot, noisy, crowded club. Namjoon bought them all drinks and they did a toast on being teenagers. Taehyung and Jungkook had alcohol too, although they were actually still too young. But there was no one to check their ages, and both boys were curious for the attractive liquid. Eventually, everyone went their own ways in the big crowd. Yoongi and Jimin ended up somewhere in a corner where it was a little less crowded. They were trying to have a conversation and with that I mean they were yelling in each other’s ears because otherwise they couldn’t hear each other because of the loud music. Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok were sitting at the bar, enjoying the music and their drinks. They decided to not go too wild with the alcohol, so they were drinking coke and water instead. Taehyung was panicking a little. He and Jungkook were walking around, searching for classmates they could chat with, but then Taehyung had to go to the toilet. When he came back, Jungkook was gone. He was worried about Jungkook being all alone in that big club, wondering what could happen to him. He was so vulnerable with his ankle now, what if he fell down and people wouldn’t see him and he would be crushed to death? Don’t think so dramatic Taehyung, you just need to find him and everything will be ok., he said to himself, as he tried to squish himself though the crowd. ‘Jungkook!’, he yelled. But it was only a soft whisper compared to the loud music.
‘I’m going to say hello to Mia!’, Hoseok yelled to Namjoon and Jin. They nodded and Hoseok disappeared in the crowd. ‘Another coke please!’, Jin yelled at the bar keeper. ‘They could have turned the music down a little!’, he then yelled at Namjoon who shrugged. ‘This club is made to dance, not to chat!’, he responded. ‘I need to go to the toilet!’, Jin said after a while, and he stood up. ‘Let me go with you, otherwise we might loose each other!’ ‘What?’ ‘I’m coming with you!!’ ‘Okay!’
‘Ahh, finally some rest.’, Namjoon sighed when they were in the bathroom, away from the loud music. He waited for Jin to fishish while staring into the mirror. His cheeks were red because of the heat in the club and his hair was messed up. While he was trying to fix his hair, Jin came out of the bathroom stall. He pushed Namjoons arm away from his head. ‘You look fine.’ Namjoon smirked. ‘Thanks.’ ‘Let’s get back.’ ‘Yeah.’

Taehyung was still looking for Jungkook, unable to find him anywhere. Then, out of nowhere, he felt a hard tug on his arm. He was being dragged into a small, dark room. ‘Aish, what’s happening?!’ The light in the little room however, was on motion sensor, and it turned on. To his surprise, he saw Jungkook and they were standing in a large cupboard for cleaning materials and brooms. ‘Kookie, what are we doing here?’, Taehyung asked in confusion. ‘I just wanna have some fun!’, Jungkook said. From the way he looked and talked, Taehyung could immediately tell that the younger boy was drunk. ‘Jungkook, we need to get out of here and get back to the others. You’re drunk.’ ‘I’m not! Let’s play a game~’ Taehyung sighed. ‘What kind of game?’ ‘A game for adults..’ Jungkook smirked and Taehyung suddenly felt really awkward. What was the poor, drunk boy getting himself into? He shouldn’t agree with anything he would say and he couldn’t believe anything what he would tell him, because he clearly wasn’t thinking straight. ‘Jungkook, lets get back.’ The blonde tried to open the door but the brunette was purposely blocking the way. ‘Touch me..~’, Jungkook breathed out. ‘That’s enough, we’re getting out of here. You’re nit thinking straight.’ ‘Of course I’m not straight, I like you. That’s not very straight of me, isn’t it?’ ‘You... you like me?’ ‘Yes, hyung!’ Taehyung shook his head. ‘You’re just saying that because you’re drunk.’ Jungkook pouted. ‘No I’m not!’ Taehyung uncomfortably noticed how Jungkook was getting closer and closer with the second. Damn, he looks so attractive.., he thought with guilt. But you wouldn’t blame Taehyung, Jungkook did look particularly attractive that day. The lights flickered a little and went a bit more dimmed. The song outside turned to a slower song. Jungkook bit his lip and stared at Tae. ‘Kiss me.’, he whispered. ‘Like real teenagers do.’

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