Shelby Company Limited

Peaky Blinders


Thomas Shelby


Five for peace
two for truce
one abstention.
Let’s get on with the war.



In the bleak Midwinter...


      is good proofing water.
It tells you who’s real
                        and who isn’t.


The one minute.
The soldier’s minute.
In a battle, that’s all you get.
One minute of everything at once.
And anything before is nothing.
Everything after, nothing.
Nothing in comparison to that one minute.


We got the coppers
They think we're fuckers,
but in the meantime we are fair
Betting horses
The race track here,
but we fix it all the time
Against the Jews, Italians
Gypsy kings
City government
It's alright if you're a friend
or family, amen


Instinct’s a funny thing.




He's becoming too like his cousin.

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