Foto bij Chapter 003 - Wounded

Tripping over my own feet I tried walking towards the city. There’s only one person who would be able to help me, Drake. Because we’re such a small village one doctor was enough. Drake isn’t just the vet, in his spare time he often helps a lot of people. I had no idea how much blood I had lost, but my body didn’t feel well. When I was near the animal clinic I saw Drake walk outside, turn around and locking the door. 'Drake?.' I tried calling. It was shocking to hear how weak my voice sounded. Drake seemed to hear anyway, because he turned around again and looked my way. His eyes widened 'Jayliënne?.' Drake asked surprised, walking towards me. 'I need your help!.' I said. That was when Drake saw the blood on my shirt. 'O my gosh what happened? ' He asked while supporting me and walking inside. 'A little girl asked me to look for her dog, so I went to check if I could find her dog. But I found a wolf instead!.' I said. I went to sit on the table 'A wolf you say?.' Drake asked, walking up with a first aid kit. I nodded, 'Yes a pitch black wolf!.' I said. Carefully Drake pulled my shirt away from the wound. 'Hold this, sorry but this is going to sting a little!.' Drake said and tried to clean the skin with some antibacterial swipe. ‘Fuck!.' I growled softly. 'Told you it would sting!.' Drake said. Drake disinfected the rest of the wound. After finishing he walked out of the room and came back with a needle and thread. 'Please don't tell me!.' I sighed. 'The wound is too deep for a bandage only, I'm sorry but I can't help it!.' Drake said, suturing the wound.
Drake bandaged the now sutured wound. 'Try not to move much these days, it needs time to heal!.' Drake said. 'Thank you so much!.' I said when I went to stand. 'Don't worry about it, take a couple days off. So you can heal, I'll be fine don't worry!.' Drake said. I nodded, 'Thank you!.' I smiled before walking out of the animal clinic home. I still couldn’t understand, wolves never came here. I’ve never heard of people who saw wolves. I put the key in the lock and opened the door to my house. Something fell to the ground. With great difficulty I bend down to pick up the letter and took it to the living room. I teared the it open and read the letter.
Dear Jayliënne
We're delighted to inform you of the decision to make you our scholar ship student.
From your recent exploits we believe your skill would benefit from our education.
We hope to meet you soon; the address is written on the backside of this letter.
We expect you next Monday for an introduction.
See you there,
Principal Stewart.
'Wait ...what college?' I asked, turning the envelope. O my fucking god, Howldwards is the school if you want to be a vet. 'No fucking way, o my god o my god o my god!.' I said. How did they know I was here and that I wanted to be a vet at all? Drake…could Drake have mentioned something? No, he wouldn’t have had without permission. But maybe he would have? I put the envelope away and got dinner ready. I ate my dinner and took some painkillers for when the wound would start hurting.
I started once again with the files from the clinic, but couldn’t keep my head in the game. What if I really were admitted to the university and became a vet? Then Drake would not be the only one in the village and then he could take a break occasionally. He isn’t getting any younger. I quickly did the dishes. I got my laptop and searched for the university. I had to be sure it was real, it had been my dream from when I was a kid to be a vet. I couldn’t take it when i saw animals hurting or being ill. 'A dream coming true hé?.' I chuckled to myself.

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