Foto bij Chapter 004 - College?

*The next morning*
In the morning i walked to the animal clinic where Drake probably would already be. Carefully I opened the door and walked inside. 'I thought I told you to take a few days off!.' Drake said walking towars me. 'I know, but look at this!.' I said and gave Drave the letter. Drakeís read the letter quickly and looked at me in disbelief. 'Are you serious?.' He asked. 'I am, I got that letter yesterday!.' I smiled. 'Oh Jayliënne I'm so happy for you. I really am!.' Drake said. 'It's al thanks to you actually, you taught me everything I know now!.' I chuckled. 'When are you leaving?.' Drake asked. 'This afternoon, I want to get some things ready first!.' I smiled. 'Good idea, gosh i'm happy but i'm really going to miss you!.' Drake said. 'I'm going to miss you to, I love it here. But when I come back, I'm a veterinarian!.' I smiled. 'Congratulations!.' Drake smiled. 'Are you going to be okay alone?.' I asked 'Don't worry and have fun, I will be waiting for your return!.' Drake smiled. 'Thank you!.' I laughed and walked outside. Iím definitely going to miss this place. I loved working with the animals. But this really is an opportunity I must take. Itís not often that such an university sends an invitation.
'Jayliënne are you leaving us?.' One of the women who lived in the village asked. 'I am!.' I smiled a little. 'We are going to miss you!.' She said with a solemn face. 'I will come back, I promise this is just a chance I can't ignore. This had been my dream since i was a little girl!.' I said. 'We know, you must go but that won't mean we won't miss you!.' She said. 'I'll miss you too, trust me i won't just leave!.' I chuckled and walked to my house. I pulled the suitcases from the attic and began packing my things. It was going to be quite the journey. If I took the train in the afternoon, I would be at the university late in the evening. 'Can't believe this is really happening!.' I sighed. Something in me tried to tell me that this would be a joke, but I shrugged the thought off. After barely an hour I had packed all the clothes I thought I would need. With 2 suitcases and one handbag I walked downstairs. I looked around the house for one last time before walking outside and locking the door. With the suitcases in hand, I walked to the train station that lay a few miles from our village. On the way there, I passed the forest where I was attacked by the black wolf. Within half an hour I arrived at the train station and bought a ticket. 'Your train leaves in 15 minutes!.' One of the employees told me. ĎThank you!.' I smiled, walking to a small bench. A girl on the same platform turned around and smiled at me. ĎAre you heading for the university to?.' She asked. 'Yeah, you too?.' I asked. The girl nodded and sat next to me. 'Yeah, it has been a childhood dream to be veterinarian!.' She smiled. 'Same here!.' I chuckled. 'What's your name?.' She asked. 'Jayliënne!.' I said. 'My name is Zoë, nice to meet you Jayliënne!.' She smiled 'Nice to meet you!.' I returned her smile. 'Where are you from?.' Zoë asked. 'Whales, does that ring a bell?.' I asked. Zoë shook her head no. 'No never heard of it!.' She said 'It's a small village, where are you from?.' I asked 'I'm from New Zealand!.' Zoë smiled. 'Nice!.' I chuckled. 'I'm really excited to see what kind of university it is!.' Zoë chuckled. 'Me too, I heard it is the best university to go when you want to become a veterinarian!.' I said. The train arrived and we stood up to board it. We searched for an empty spot and went to sit. Itís really happening... Iím going to be a vetenarian. 'If you want to sleep go ahead the trip will be 4 hours anyway. I'll wake you when we've arrived okay?.' Zoë smiled. 'Thank you!.' I smiled and slowly closed my eyes.
'Jayliënne wake up, we've arrived!.' I heard Zoë and sleepely sat up. We got our stuff together and left the train and the station. 'Wait...where are we?.' Zoë asked, looking around herself. 'I don't like this!.' I said. I heard Zoë scream and turned around, but Zoë was nowhere to be seen. 'Zoë?.' I called. No answer. 'Zoë?.' I called again. Suddenly something was being pushed against my mouth. I tried getting away but the person behind me was too strong. Slowly my body became sluggish and my vision started to blur. ZoëÖ

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