Foto bij Chapter 005 - Trapped

'Is she waking up?.' 'Looks like she's waking up'. 'Guys give her some space!.' I vaguely heard some voices talk. My head pounded like crazy. Slowly, I tried getting up. I looked at my surrounding. 'Take it easy you've been drugged!.' A boy with orange hair told me. 'W..what happend?.' I asked. 'We don't know!.' The boy sighed. 'Jayliënne are you okay?.' Zoë asked, coming to sit next to me.
I nodded my head no. 'I really want to know what's going on!.' I exclaimed. 'I know right, we were heading for the university and the next moment we're here!.' Zoë sighed. 'Wait university, you mean you got the letter to?.' A boy with black heir asked. 'Yeah we both got that letter!.' Zoë said. 'Then it was a trap!.' The boy with orange hair growled. 'Why, what are they planning with us?.' I asked. 'We don't know, we woke up here and you arrived a few hours later!.' One of the boys said.
'Who are you guys anyway?.' Zoë asked their cellmates. 'Sorry, my name is Aiden!.' The boy with dark hair said. 'And i'm Jimin, nice to meet you!.' The boy with orange hair told us. 'Nice to meet you too.' I said. 'How is your wound?.' Jimin asked me. 'What wound?.' Zoë said, surprised. 'How did you know?.' I asked. The next moment his eyes started glowing. 'Wow scary!.' Zoë squeaked. ‘Wait what the fuck is going on?!.' I said. 'Calm down, you know what a werewolf is don't you?.' Aiden said. Zoë and I both shook our heads. 'You don't?.' Aiden asked. 'So you are both?.' I asked. 'Just Jimin, I'm something different!.' Aiden said. 'Then what are you?.' Zoë asked.
Aiden’s eyes turned red and his canines began to grow. Zoë screamed and crawled to the corner. 'Dude stop that!.' Jimin growled again. 'Sorry my bad!.' Aiden said. 'Zoë it's okay!.' I said. 'No it's not okay we are stuck with a werewolf and a vampire!.' Zoë said panicked. 'So...what are you?.' Aiden asked and looked at me. 'Me?.' I asked. 'Yeah, I mean there has to be a reason why you’re here right?.' Aiden asked. 'I....I don't know!.' I said. 'You don't know?.' Aiden asked. I shook my head no. 'We are like normal humans!.' Zoë said. 'Let me try something, don't be scared I can see aura's when I use my other eyes. Maybe I can see what you are!.' Jimin said. I nodded slowly and Jimins eyes started glowing a soft blue. 'So....what do you see?.' Zoë asked. 'You are like me, a werewolf!.' Jimin said, his eyes turning back to their normal color.
'How, I’ve never experienced something like this, I was just a normal person!.' I said. 'I'm sorry, but my eyes don't lie!.' Jimin sighed. 'Don't be sorry it's not your fault but...why?.' I asked, leaning against the wall. 'So if Jayliënne is a werewolf, what am I?.' Zoë asked. 'We don't know yet....but I think we have enough time to figure that out!.' Aiden sighed. 'Welcome students I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so far!.' A voice spoke through a loudspeaker. 'Who are you, and what do you want from us?.' Aiden asked. 'Patience my darling, you will find out soon enough!.' The vouce sounded again. 'Who is that?.' Zoë asked. 'No idea, someone I don't want to know!.' Aiden sighed. 'So where are you from?.' I asked. 'We? we are both from Busan!.' Jimin said. 'South Korea right?.' I asked. 'Correct!.' Jimin smiled. 'I really want to go home now, actually!.' Zoë sighed.
I stood up slowly, my body still feeling the effects of the tranquilizer. 'Be careful!.' Jimin said. I walked around the small space where our little group was sitting. 'Where are we anyway?.' I asked. 'No idea!.' Zoë said. 'I really don't like this place it gives me the creeps!.' I trembled. Zoë also went to stand up and walked around. 'There has to be a way out!.' She said. 'We looked everywhere, there’s only one door but the lock is on the outside!.' Aiden sighed. It was on this moment that we heard the door open. Jimin and Aiden stood up as well. Two men, both wearing some kind of lab coats, were walking towards us. 'You!.' One of the man said, pointing to Zoë 'Me?.' Zoë squeaked.
The men walked to Zoë, but Jimin, Aiden and I kept her behind us. 'Move!.' One if the men growled. 'Not until you tell me what you are planning!.' I growled back. 'I said, move!.' The other man grabbed my arm and tore me away from Zoë with all his strength. There was a stabbing feeling in my side and I fell to the ground. 'Are you okay?.' Jimin asked, helping me up. 'NO, LET ME GO. NOO GUYS HELP!.' Zoë screamed while she was dragged out of the room. ‘What are they going to do with her?.' I asked. 'What are we, labrats?.' Aiden growled. 'Jayliënne I smell blood did one of your stitches snap?.' Jimin asked. 'I...I don't know!.' I said and shakingly teared my shirt away from the bandage. There was a red spot on the bandage. 'Is it bad?.' I asked 'I don't know, let's hope it doesn't get any worse than this!.' Jimin said. I collapsed against the wall. 'I really want to go home!.' I said. 'We are getting out of here, I promise you that!.' Jimin said. 'How do you know?.' I asked. 'Trust me, we'll figure something out!.' Jimin said. 'One day I'm just at work and now i'm a labrat!.' 'What work?.' Jimin asked. 'I work or worked at an animal shelter, my boss is the only veterinarian in our village. Since i was a kid i loved animals especially dogs, and they loved me!.' I smiled. 'You know why they loved you, it's because they knew that you are a werewolf.' Jimin said. 'Really?.' I asked. Jimin nodded. 'Yeah dogs respect us as their leaders, or as their alpha's!.' zei Jimin. We heard the door open again and the two men walked back inside. Jimin and Aiden subtly went to stand closer to me. 'You, come with us!.' One of the men said and pointed at me. 'What if i don't want to go with you?.' I asked. 'You are not taking her!.' Jimin growled.

Before any of us could move, the two men had Aiden and Jimin pinned to the ground. They grabbed my arms and dragged me to the door. 'No....let her go!.' I heard Jimin growl, before the door was closed violently and all sounds from inside disappeared. I looked around, it seemed like some kind of factory. Really weird. A door at the end of the long hallway opened and I could see a treatment room. In the room was a treatment chair. A horrific looking thing with chains and tools all around it. 'O my gosh....LET ME GO!.' I called and tried breaking loose. The men were stronger than they looked however and one of them hit me directly on my stitches. 'Behave, it will be over soon!.' One of the men chuckled. I was chained to the horrific chair. With all my strength I tried getting away, but it was no use. It didn’t even budge. '!.' I sobbed.

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