One day to meet Assasin

My mind was panicking, but I didn’t know why. I didn’t feel bad but not safe either. “Hey you ok?” The man asked. He had black, yes pure black like an pupil, eyes and black hair. He had a spear kinda thingy in his hand. “Let me see... She doesn’t remember us, her memories are blocked.” A girl said. “We can’t give unblock all at once, we need to re-introduce ourselves. You’re gonna start, we’ll see you later.” 4 of them left, then one guy stayed behind. He had black eyes, like pure black. His hair is white, like it’s a soul or something. It waved around, even tough it was very short. He was very tall, about 2, 08 metres tall. “The name’s Assasin, I actually don’t really have a name. I am an Ancient that represents death. You will in 5 days know what an Ancient is.”

We spent the day talking what he could do, he can summon a spear which can kill anyone even if he stabbed you in the toe. It makes you veins black with an poison apparently called death poison. He is very good at hurting people. The downside is that he gets the urge to kill so if he doesn’t kill one person in like 6 hours he can kill a an entire city. Mabey even a country. He left and said that tomorrow someone else will come. He seemed somewhat familiar, with older what they ment and who will come tomorrow.

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  • Snufkin_

    ”He is very good at hurting people”

    Giesbers, is that you??

    2 jaar geleden

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