Yes, this is the last chapter.
I know that this ending is weird and terrible but this story was more of an experiment for my new BTS fanfiction I’m going to write. Thank you for ready and I hope you’re not too disappointed;)

They spend the rest of the day at the hospital until the doctor had to shoo them away. Jimins parents were really worried about their son as well, but Jay had called them telling that it was alright and that he was already allowed to leave the hospital the next day. That also meant that he could spend their last day of the trip with his friends at the castle.
They didn’t return to the hotel that night, but went back to the castle since they now knew that Jimin was doing ok. Jay had allowed Yoongi to stay with Jimin, but all the others returned. Taehyung and Jungkook immediately fell down on the together with their clothes still on, cuddling each other loosely. Although things were a little bit awkward between Mia and Hoseok, they chatted a while before going to bed. Mia kept feeling bad about having to reject Hoseok, because she really liked him as a friend. Luckily, Hoseok was okay with that and he handled everything very mature.
‘We should sleep.’, Jin said when Namjoon came out of the shower. He actually wasn’t that tired at all, but he was scared. He was scared that Namjoon would ask him about why he got mad in the club. And he was even more afraid to actually tell him why. ‘Hmm, I’m not tired. You can sleep if you need to.’ Not being able to come up with an excuse, Jin nodded and got into bed. He however did not turn off the lights and instead pulled out his phone. After a while, Namjoon asked: ’Hyung, may I ask you something?’ Jin panicked a little and blurt out: ‘I need to go to the toilet!’ He got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Inside, he let his head fall into his hands. ‘Why did I had to get mad at him in the first place? Was I stupid!?’, Jin whispered to himself in stress. ‘Hyung? Is everything alright?’ ‘Yes!’, Jin squeled in a high voice. He quickly flushed the toilet although he didn’t even use it yet and got out before Namjoon would question what was going on. Jin ran to bed and pulled the covers over his head. ‘Goodnight.’ ‘Hyung...’ Jins muscles tensed when he felt Namjoon hand on his shoulder. ‘Why are you running away from me?’ ‘I’m not! I’m just tired, goodnight!’ But Namjoon pulled the covers away and sat down on the bed next to Jin. ‘Is everything alright, birthday boy?’ ‘No it’s not, now leave me alone, please?’ Jin tired to snatch the covers away but Namjoon held onto them tightly. ‘Just tell me what’s going on, Jin. I’m really worried about you and I just wanted to ask something.’ Jin but his lip and realized that he was being immature and childish. ‘Fine. What do you want to know?’, he mumbled. ‘I want to know why you got so mad at me out of sudden yesterday. I’m worried and I feel guilty about it, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry.’ Jin bit his lip harder, he felt so guilty because of how Namjoon felt. ‘Are you sure you want to know?’ ‘Yes of course!’ ‘It’s embarrassing...’ ‘Just tell me, ok? I won’t judge.’ Jin fanally managed to snatch the covers away and pulled them up to his chin. He pouted and mumbled: ‘Fine.’ Namjoon wasn’t planning on letting Jin isolate him from him while he was talking to him, so he got under the covers next to him. ‘I just... I just got annoyed because you are always doing stuff like that without thinking about how I might feel about it.’ ‘Stuff like what?’ ‘Being so flirtatious! You’re always teasing me, calling me oppa, and just doing other stupid stuff like that!’ ‘And that bothers you? Because I’m a man?’ ‘N-No it’s not like that...’ Jin pulled the covers higher to his face, covering his blushing cheeks. Namjoon could only chuckle about his behavior. Cute, he thought. ‘Then why does it bother you?’ ‘Because it’s so meaningless but I still manage to feel stuff! I know you’re just joking but... I can’t help but like it!’ Namjoon couldn’t help but feel a bit flustered by that. He hesitated for a moment, carefully picking his words so he wouldn’t say the wrong thing. ‘Have you ever... thought about the option that I was hinting? That those actions were not meaningless and that I was actually flirting?’ ‘W-What?’ Namjoon laughed. ‘I never wanted to be very serious because I didn’t want to scare you or make you uncomfortable, but if you know me, you should know that there’s always a hint of truth in my jokes. I’m really sorry about frustrating you like that, I didn’t know that if effected you so much like that. But..-‘ He chuckled. ‘I wasn’t lying when I said stuff like that I like you and that’s you’re really attractive.’ Jin was surprised about how chill Namjoon was. He didn’t seem to be even a little worried or stressed. Jin looked away, not wanting to show him what a blushing mess he was. ‘Are we cool now?’, Namjoon asked calmly. ‘You’re not mad anymore?’ ‘I’m not.’, Jin mumbled. Perhaps he wasn’t mad anymore, but the awkward tension was still in the air. Namjoon rubbed his chin, thinking about how to make the situation a bit less awkward and confusing. ‘We need to go to sleep. But first, I want to give you a last birthday present.’ ‘Y-You have another present?! Namjoon! You shouldn’t have done that!’ But Jins face was already lighting up. ‘Close your eyes.’ Jin obeyed. ‘Now pull the covers away from your face.’ Jin lowered the fabric, showing his red face. Gosh, he’s adorable... ‘Ready?’ Jin nodded. Namjoon grabbed his chin and turned his face so it was facing him. In a quick motion, their lips connected. Jin’s muscles tensed in surprise and he was so shocked that he moved away and covered his mouth. Namjoon felt a bit insecure and disappointed, but he grinned and asked: ‘Did I do something wrong?’ Jin shook his head and muttered: ‘I’m sorry. It was just very unexpected. Do it again.’ Their mouths connected again, now both laughing. Namjoon pushed Jin back into the bed, hovering over him. He was about to kiss his neck when the door of their hotel room opened. A high pitched scream interrupted their kissing. ‘Guys!’, Hoseok screamed in shock. ‘Hoseok!’, their both yelled back. Namjoon quickly got off Jin and asked: ‘Why are you here?’ ‘I needed toothpaste! I didn’t want to bother Taekook because I expected something like this from them, but damn guys what the hell!?’ ‘Sorry for scaring you like that.’, Jin grinned. Namjoon pushed a tube of toothpaste in Hoseoks hands and said: ‘Now fuck off.’ ‘I’m so lonely.’, Hoseok complained before shutting the door. Although he loved the fact that his friends were now all happy together, he couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely and unnecessary. ‘Hobi!’ Hoseok turned around in the hallway. Jungkook ran towards him. ‘May I borrow your toothpaste?’ He laughed and said: ‘You’re lucky I just got some from Namjoon. Here you go.’ He squirted some of it on the maknae’s toothbrush. ‘Thank you!’ He hugged Hoseok and ran back to their room. Suddenly, Hoseoks feeling of loneliness disappeared. He opened the door to his hotel room and fell onto his bed without brushing his teeth.

‘Jungkook!’ Before he could enter his room, a hand grabbed his shoulder. The brunette turned around and saw Jae. What was he doing here, so late in the night? ‘What?’ ‘I saw Taehyung wearing a Gucci sweater today, can you get it for me?’ ‘No I can’t.’ ‘Hmm, so you want him to know about your secret?’ ‘Go on, tell him.’ Jae grinned, thinking that Jungkook was just bluffing. ‘Okay.’ He opened the door and walked up to Taehyung who already knew about Jae pressuring Jungkook into stealing stuff. What Jae also didn’t know, is that Taehyung had already stolen his headphones back. ‘Hey Taehyung.’ ‘Hello Jae.’ ‘Did you know that your little friend Jungkookie is a dirty faggot? He’s gay for you!’ Taehyung stood up and grabbed Jungkook by his waist. ‘Good thing that I’m an even dirtier faggot.’, he said before kissing the younger. Jae stood there, nailed to the ground, eyes wide. ‘What the..-‘, he growled. ‘You guys are gross!’, he yelled before running away. Taehyung burst out into laughter. ‘You should have seen his face!’ Jungkook smiled and nuzzled his face into Taehyungs shoulder, feeling relieved that Jae wasn’t a problem anymore. Nothing was a problem anymore.

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