I don't mind entertaining you,
as long as you can handle it.


The Zone

In this state of extreme
F O C U S,

all unnecessary thoughts disappear and the athlete becomes absorbed in his play.

Only those who have practiced and practiced earn the R I G H T to stand before the door,
and it only opens unpredictably.

It is the ultimate domain,
open only to the C H O S E N.



Collision equals destruction

Unity equals total obliteration




Someone who has all the qualifications to be a
"M I R A C L E"

yet didn't become one of the Generation of Miracles.

Has the same G I F T as the Generation of Miracles,
the last to awaken his talents.

"The Miracle who did not become one of the Miracles".

And then, he met with his fated S H A D O W.

The true L I G H T.


Instinct’s a funny thing.



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