June 23
1320 Phoenix Drive
Fairfield, California

Dear Best Hi Bill,

Obviously you donít know who I am and, most likely, shall never read this. Thatís okay, though. I am writing this because I needed to get these things off my chest somehow, and donít have anyone to say them to. I was a big fan of your band back when I was a teenager, and somehow that made the choice of who to write to fall on you. Once again, I donít expect you to read this, but I suppose itís the idea that someoneís listening, that someone cares, that counts.

Bill, I donít know how to say this in a less offensive way, but my life has really gone to shit lately. I was the kind of person who had it all: a good education, good job opportunities, caring friends, and a wonderful, fantastic, dear and loving boyfriend. You know, we were supposed to get married in four months. The thing is, he got involved in an accident last week and, well he didnít come out. Oh God, I am crying even as I write this; at the utter unfairness of it all. He was such a good person, he was so youngÖ and I loved him so very dearly. And now I am left with nothing. I feel my world collapse around me. I donít care about my education any more. My friends and family, they try, but they feel like strangers to me. Iím drowning, Bill. I feel like I am drowning in my misery and everything that I once loved has turned to ashes in my hands.

The thing is, I canít deal with this anymore. With the pain, the suffering, the pitiful looks that everyone sends me when they think I donít notice. I canít carry on like this; trying to hold everything together while all I want is to break down. To disappear.


Reacties (2)

  • Luckey

    Ik hou niet van Engelse story
    Maar op deze manier wel

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Echt heel mooi geschreven ! Ben benieuwd hoe het verder gaat!

    2 jaar geleden

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