Some notes:
* Apparently Quizlet is very selective about allowing me to change the font. I had intended for all previous chapters to be written in font courier so as to convey they were letters, but apparently Quizlet disagreed with me there. So I guess you'll just have to use your imagination.
* On this chapter: I know this layout is super shitty. It was kind of a necessity to show it is a Skype conversation, but I nevertheless apologise. I promise I won't use this format too often.

Anna [September 5, 10:34 PM]: Hi.
Kaulitz [September 5, 10:46 PM]: Anna? Itís so good to hear from you again. Itís been a long time!
Anna [September 5, 11:03 PM]: Yes, itís Anna. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic and I wasnít sure if I should contact you or not.
Kaulitz [September 5, 11:03 PM]: I am glad you did.
Anna [September 5, 11:05 PM]: How have you been?
Kaulitz [September 5, 11:06 PM]: Good, busy. How are you? Are you still with your parents? Have you decided what you want to do yet?
Anna [September 5, 11:11 PM]: I moved out of my parentsí house two days after I sent you my final letter, I am now staying with a friend over at Santa Barbara. My parents forwarded your letter to my new address. I found a waitressing job in the city to help pay the rent, but I donít think I will stay here for long. Like you said, I loved my education at one point, and it feels like a waste to not do anything with it after all those years of work.
Kaulitz [September 5, 11:13 PM]: I can imagine. Although you never did tell me what you studied for?
Anna [September 5, 11:13 PM]: Psychology. I was always interested in understanding why people do what they do. I started out with the childish wish to want to help people. Now I canít even help myself.
Kaulitz [September 5, 11:15 PM]: Itís not childish to want to help, Anna. I think you would make a great psychologist.
Anna [September 5, 11:18 PM]: You donít know me, BillÖ
Kaulitz [September 5, 11:19 PM]: Perhaps not by voice or face, but I have read your letters. You care, even though at times you may wish not to.
Anna [September 5, 11:26 PM]: Iíve got to go, got work tomorrow. Good night.

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