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Kaulitz [September 17, 12:14 PM]: Hi Anna! I just noticed you were online!
Anna [September 17, 12:15 PM]: I was actually just checking my email, itís linked to my Skype so must have activated it somehow. I am just on lunchbreak.
Kaulitz [September 17, 12:15 PM]: So am I. We just finished our soundcheck and we have the afternoon off. How have you been?
Anna [September 17, 12:17 PM]: Where are you performing tonight?
Kaulitz [September 17, 12:18 PM]: In Seattle. Itís so cold here, so I guess Iíll just stay inside.
Anna [September 17, 12:20 PM]: Inside? In such a beautiful, musical city?
Kaulitz [September 17, 12:21 PM]: You are familiar with Seattle?
Anna [September 17, 12:24 PM]: Yes. My parents and I lived there for a while when we first came to the States, before we moved to the Sunshine state.
Kaulitz [September 17, 12:25 PM]: Would have been great to have you show me around, even if I would have had to brave the cold for that! (:
Anna [September 17, 12:29 PM]: My lunchbreak is over, talk to you later.

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