When Anne awoke the next morning, she felt better, lighter somehow. Although the hole was still there, and had certainly not decreased in size overnight, it felt like she could breathe a little freer now. When she made her way to work, for once her feet did not feel weighed down, and she even managed a smile at some of the passers-by. The hours in the diner flew by and before she knew it, her shift was up and she was back out on the street.
It was still light out and even though the sun was starting its descent, it was still pleasantly warm out. As she strolled through town, she noticed some posters announcing a concert in one of the bigger venues in town. And wouldn’t you know… A soft smile appeared on her lips as she traced the name, and Anna considered the option. She knew she shouldn’t go. Even if there were tickets, even if she had the money, it was still a bad idea to go. Let her image of Bill be what it was in her head, unspoiled and untainted by reality. And yet, the urge to go was strong. She knew she had the money, after selling the house and not touching any of her savings that were reserved for the wedding, she had more than enough of it. Moreover, it would be a moment of nostalgia, of giving into that young teenage girl’s dream of seeing her favourite band after all this time. It would be a good thing to finally do something she enjoyed, something that she wanted to do rather than had to do. Beside, even in the smallest event that she would come close enough to the band to be seen, he could not recognise her.
Even while her head still pondered over the dilemma, her heart had already made its decision. While her feet moved her to the venue, she quickly texted Shelly to tell her not to wait up for her. A silly, childish giddiness spread through her as she clicked on sent.
At the ticket office, she waited patiently for the two elderly people to purchase their tickets for a ballet production, before she stepped up to the window. ‘A ticket for the Tokio Hotel concert, please.’
The woman behind the window looked unimpressed to say the least. ‘For tonight? I think you have better luck trying it for next year, we are all sold out.’
‘Sold out?’
‘Months ago,’ the woman confirmed. ‘If you want to go to one of their shows, you better buy your ticket as soon as sales start.’
Dazed and disappointed, Anna nodded at the woman before she stepped away from the window. Tears prickled in her eyes and she sat herself down on the curb of the venue with a deep sigh. Inside, music was already playing, a sign that Bill was in there now, doing his thing, and she had missed this one opportunity to witness it.

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