‘… planned for months! No, of course I get that you couldn’t know that. Yes, sure I feel bad for your grandma. But what am I supposed to do now, Beth?’
Anna turned her head to see where the commotion was coming from. A young girl was standing in front of the double glass doors, dressed in a tight black skirt, a belly-button black top, and her blonde hair spiked up wildly around her face. She couldn’t be more than 16 years old.
‘Very well,’ the girl sighed, deeply disappointed although she no longer seemed angry. ‘All right, see you in school tomorrow. By Beth, take care.’ As she hung up, she stared out at the street somewhat forlornly, before she made to go back inside.
‘Wait,’ Anna called out, quickly scrambling to her feet – and painfully aware she was still in her waitressing outfit. ‘Your friend ditched on you?’
‘So you have a ticket left?’
‘How much do you want for it?’
The girl seemed taken back, but considered it for a moment. ‘Well I did pay a large sum of money for it… Ninety dollars.’
‘Ninety,’ she gulped. It seemed a bit overpriced to her. Then again, she had not been to a concert since she was herself the age of the young girl before her, so what did she really know about ticket prices anyway? Beside, it may be the only chance she still had. ‘Fine.’ Reaching into her purse, she drew out several notes and pressed them into the girl’s hand, who then handed her the ticket in exchange. Before she could really make sense of the situation, the young girl had already gone back inside and Anna was once again alone on the curb with the ticket held firmly in her left hand. Taking a deep breath, she went to follow the girl through the double doors.

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