Once inside, Anna was overwhelmed by the sheer noise around her. Teenagers were screaming loudly, guitars and drums sounded heavily, and on top of that was Billís voice. She closed her eyes for a moment, forcing all else to fade to the background, and a small smile appeared on her lips.
She followed the noise into a completely packed hall where, at the very end, she spotted the band. There was perhaps 300 feet between them, yet with the thousands of people in the room, the band might as well have been in another universe. There was a large screen placed nearby, probably so that the people in the back could also see something of their idols, and Anna studied the handsome, sweat-streaked features of the man she had come to see as her friend over the last few weeks. She didnít know the song they were playing, felt horribly out of place with her waitressing outfit and chestnut brown hair between these alternatively dressed youth, and yet she found herself smiling full-out. She had not done that for a long time. And it felt good.
Soon after, the band left for a short break, and she took out her phone once more. She considered calling, but knew that he might get suspicious if he heard the noise around her, and so she opened a draft.
Anna: How are you doing?
Her answer came only moments later.
Bill: Pretty good, though Iím a bit tired.
Anna: How come?
Bill: I was talking to this girl last nightÖ;)
Anna: Shame on her!
Bill: Or on me for letting her continue? How is your night?
Anna: Pretty wild for my standards.
Bill: Really now?
Anna: Yes, I bought a ticket and went to a concert impulsively.
Bill: How is it? Was it worth it?
Anna: Definitely.
Just as she sent the message, the light on stage went on again and the band returned to stage. Anna gazed at the screen intently, observing Billís face for any sign that he had even the slightest suspicion, but came up with nothing. Although it had been her intent to remain anonymous, she now found herself somewhat disappointed at having succeeded.

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  • Luckey


    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    Heel mooi geschreven. Ik ben fan.
    Post je elke week een deel?

    2 jaar geleden
    • MsAnna

      Hoi Eleanora, Heel fijn om te horen dat je het leuk vindt! Ik probeer elke dag te updaten; voor nu heb ik al een aardig eind vooruit geschreven. Ik ga proberen dit gewoon vol te houden. X

      2 jaar geleden
    • Eleonora

      Super! Kijk er naar uit

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