Many thanks to Luckey and Eleanora for reviewing Scene XI.
This scene is pretty short, but I'm always willing to put up another if this one gets 3 reviews today! (:

Also, just a head's up: Act I has 8 more scenes left after this one; then there are 3 more acts (so up until Act IX) that have about an equal amount of scenes!

When she lay in bed that night, her head still pounding with the loud noise that it had had to endure that evening, she received another text.
Bill: So how was your concert? Did it live up to your expectations?
Anna: It was pretty good, though I went there more for sentimental reasons than anything else, I suppose.
Bill: Sentimental reasons?
Anna: They were a band I really liked in my youth.
She waited a minute, then another. After the third minute her phone rang, and Anna picked up with a small smile playing at her lips when she read the name of the caller. ‘Hello?’
‘You were there, weren’t you? At our concert. Scheiße, Anna, if you would have told me, I…-‘
‘But then I wouldn’t have been anonymous anymore, now would I?’
‘This is not fair, though,’ he said, his voice sounding suspiciously like he was moping. ‘You have gotten to see me, but I can’t see you.’
‘That is the life of a celebrity, I suppose,’ she joked. ‘Even if you had known, however, there is no way you would have found me; what a crowd!’
Bill laughed, ‘Yes it is usually pretty full at our concerts. But tell me, what did you think?’
‘It was great, you sang amazingly!’ Silence stretched on the other side of the line, and Anna frowned. ‘Bill?’
‘Sorry, I have got to go. My brother wants to go to sleep and says I’m disturbing him with my loud talking.’
‘All right, well then good night. And good night to Tom as well, I suppose.’

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  • Eleonora

    Ik ben benieuwd hoe het verder gaat gaan!

    2 jaar geleden
  • Luckey

    Dit is evht het enige Engelse verhaal die ik leuk blijf vinden om te lezen!
    Hahaha Tom stopt het gesprek terwijl hij vaak het luister isxD

    2 jaar geleden

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