Hi guys! Many thanks to Luckey for her review of yesterday's piece!
This one is another short, rather uneventful, but nevertheless necessary piece I'm afraid. If you want more, you know what to do! (:

The next week she got a phone call, though not one she was expecting.
‘Anna love, is that you?’
‘Hi Mum.’
‘It’s been a very long time since we’ve heard from you, so I thought I might give you a call. How are you doing? Are you still living with that university friend of yours?’
‘Shelly, yes, she’s great, I am sure you would adore her. I apologise for not calling in so long, I was rather busy with work at the diner and…-‘
‘At a diner? What about your psychology degree?’
Anna sighed, ‘I just wasn’t ready to go back yet, Mum. I needed some time alone, away from all that.’
‘Well, now that you are doing better, you might want to come home to Sacramento, to us. I’m sure Ian’s parents will also be happy to see you again.’
‘I… I can’t, Mum. I can’t live there anymore.’
‘Why ever not? Besides, what else will you do? Work at the diner and live with your friend for the rest of your life?’
‘I don’t know yet, Mum. But I need some more time to figure it out.’
Her mother sighed audibly, ‘Very well, stay there for now. But at least come over for you father’s birthday in December. Perhaps you can stay for the holidays? You know how disappointed he shall be if you are not there.’
‘Fine, I’ll be there for Dad’s birthday. I can’t stay though… they need me at the diner. I’ve got to go now, my lunchbreak is over.’
‘Don’t forget to call us every once in a while, Anna. We love you.’
‘Love you too, Mum.’
Anna dropped herself on the couch with deep sigh. It had been a lie; it was her day off and she had nothing better to do than talk to her well-meaning, but ever so tiring mother. The truth was, she did not know how she would do it. Face them, face Ian’s parents who would undoubtedly also be there, face all the memories, and the grief, and all the people that expected her to be fine, but not too fine. It was all too much to her; her, who was only now beginning to be able to deal with her own grief.

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  • Eleonora

    Hopelijk sluit zij niet iedereen buiten.
    Weer heel mooi geschreven.

    2 jaar geleden
  • Luckey

    Oh god

    2 jaar geleden

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