Many thanks to Fielding and Eleonora for reviewing Scene XVI.
About this scene: things are about to get really interesting! (;

She went back to work the next day, hoping that the pastime would be able to distract her from her nagging thoughts. Despite her resolve to wait it out, each minute that passed without a letter, phone call, or message, was one in which her insecurities grew. And so she returned to the diner, even though she was not scheduled to work until after the weekend. Luckily for her, the diner was always busy, and they could always use an extra pair of hands.
She had just come back from her lunchbreak and had started wiping some of the cleaned glasses when the bell above the door jingled and she looked up to find four boys... men entering the establishment. Four men looking awfully suspicious she dare say, with their dark sunglasses and caps. An inkling of a suspicion was itching the back of her mind. When her co-worker, Tanja, sent her a very pointed look, Anna quickly wiped her hands on her apron and made her way towards the new table.
‘Good afternoon,’ she greeted in her cheery voice especially reserved for customers. As she did so, she inconspicuously checked out the boys, her inkling growing with each passing second. ‘What can I get for you?’
‘Do you serve waffles?’ One of them said, his voice noticeably accented – and very familiar. Another clue that they were indeed who she suspected them to be. And if his voice sounded so familiar, then his brother… Anna’s eyes quickly flashed to the boy sitting next to him who was staring out of the window, and her heart skipped a beat. ‘Miss?’
Turning back to who she was now sure to be Tom, Anna put on a winning smile. ‘Yes, of course. Would you like them with syrup, ice cream, or fresh fruits and powdered sugar?’
‘You are not American?’ Tom concluded, one eyebrow raised behind his sunglasses. She noticed Bill had now also turned his head to look at her.
‘No, I am not. Neither are you,’ she attempted to joke, even as she felt her face grow hot. ‘So what kind of waffles can I get you guys?’

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  • Luckey

    Hahahaha daar is bill en ze hebben het niet door
    (Of door me slechte Engels lees ik het verkeerd)
    Snel verder

    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    Zijn ze wie ik denk dat ze zijn??xD

    2 jaar geleden

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