Hi guys! We're nearing the end of the first Act and, with it, a major plot point!
Many thanks to Eleonora for reviewing the last scene (and of course you were completely right haha!)!

Back in the safety of the kitchen, Anna leaned her head against the wall, forcing herself to breathe slowly Ė all the while thinking to herself that this could not be happening. Quickly glancing around, she pulled her phone from her jean pocket and checked the screen. Three new messages. All from Bill. She pushed the phone back into her pocket resolutely. She would not read them, not now. Later, when she was in the privacy of her own room she would sort this mess out.
When she returned with their orders, the boys thanked her before gratefully digging into their meals. Despite her decision not to read Billís messages, Anna couldnít help but think to herself how much of an idiot she was as she returned to wiping the glasses. An idiot and a coward.
When the workday finally ended Ė and Bill had already left hours ago without a second glance Ė she finally opened her phone.
Bill: I am in Santa Barbara today, perhaps we could meet up somewhere?
Bill: Anna, there is something I need to talk to you about. Can we please go somewhere to talk?
She tapped her fingers on the wooden bench she sat on as she considered her answer. If she told him that yes, it had been her, then her last safety net would be gone. There would be no more pretending, no more hiding. Then again, he was right. It wasnít fair that she knew who he was and yet he didnít know who she was. Besides, what if something was wrong? From his first two messages, it appeared as if there was something important that he wanted to discuss with her. Slowly, her fingers started typing, then deleting, and then typing again. Finally, she went for the cowardly way out.
Anna: Are you all right, Bill?
She didnít have to wait long for a response.
Bill: I am okay. I just really need to talk to you.
Anna: Want me to call you?
Bill: Iím still in S Barbara. Can we meet somewhere?
That was the question, wasnít it? She tapped her fingers on the park bench once more, then sighed. After all that he had done for her, could she really deny him that? More importantly, did she want to deny him that?
Anna: Ok. Where are you?
Bill: Weíre near the water, in some club. M8RX or something like it.
Anna: I can come that way, though I am not exactly dressed for a party.
Bill: Iíll meet you outside.

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    Yes!! Eindelijk!!

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    Ik ben echt zo benieuwd naar bill's reactie!

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    I want them to meeeeeeet! Wat heeft Bill dat het zo dringend voor hem is om Anna te zien? I need to know!_O_

    (En nu lekker in heel ouderwetse Q-style) : Snel Verder!

    Omdat het kan 😋

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