First chapter, I hope you enjoy it^^

3rd person POV

Jin was asleep, all alone in his apartment. He was dreaming, or rather, having a nightmare. His brown hair sticked to his forehead that was covered in a thin layer of sweat. He was hugging a pillow close to his chest, almost crushing it. The boy might live on his own and already be in his last year of high school, but he still had some childish habits. Whenever he was scared, sad or stressed, he would cuddle the thing that was the closest to him when he was asleep. Maybe he was just being a kid, maybe it was because he was so lonely. His parents lived somewhere in the country while he had to live in the city on his own in order to go to school, and he had almost no friends or other family near him at all. It was quite the opposite, everyone seemed to hate him. He was alsways kind to people but for some reason, his classmates treated him like he was the worst person in the world. The only person that didn’t seem to hate him was Park Sungjin, a student from a class lower which he had tutored a few times for math. After the tutoring sessions, they kept in touch once in a while. It was nice having a sort-of-friend around him to talk to when he needed it, but Sungjin himself had a pile of friends as well, so he didn’t have that much time for Jin as Jin would have wanted. But of course he was mature enough to accept that and know that his friend had a social life too, unlike him.
The nightmare got a bit more intense, and Jins body was getting hot, really hot. So hot, that he woke himself up and immediately started crying from the dream. With rough fists, he rubbed his eyes dry. ‘Stop crying, you big baby.’, he mumbled to himself angrily. ‘Mom and dad are not actually dead, no one has kicked you out of your apartment, Sungjin does not hate you and your friends from elementary school are not tortured by a serial killer.’ He was walking towards the bathroom while telling himself this. The tiles were cold against his bare feet, but since he was all hot and sweaty, he didn’t mind it. ‘Gross.’, Jin snorted when he looked in the mirror and saw his face that was covered in sweat and tears. Even his shirt was drenched in his own sweat. So he decided to take a shower.
The shower was nice, it woke Jin up and shook him back in reality. It made him stop worrying about the stupid dream and cleaned his skinny body from the gross smell of sweat. It was already 4 in the morning when he was back in his bed, and he had to wake up in two hours again. Luckily,he passed out quickly and still had two hours of sleep.


Another morning, another day of harassment, bullying and scoffing laughter. To be honest, I was quite surprised when I entered my new class and when they started to be so rude to me. My expectations weren’t that high, but even this much of childish behavior I didn’t expect. And yes it was childish, but it still very much bothered me. Every muscle I moved, every word I said, I was afraid that I did something wrong that would anger them, or that would trigger their mocking chuckles. It was almost normal for me now to come home with a nosebleed or a black eye. But who cared? No one saw it anyways, so why did it even matter? I was getting so sick of it.
That day was especially bad, because we had physical education. I waited for all my classmates to finish changing before I even entered the locker room. Just to make sure, you know. I was just in time before the lesson started. ‘There is Jinnie~ Ohhh Jinnie is late~’, one boy sang teasingly. My cheeks flushed red and I looked down. ‘Shut up.’, I mumbled, but it was too soft for him to hear it. The teacher clapped in his hands and everyone had to be silent.
‘We’ll begin with a warming up, class. I want everyone to run four times around the field.’ We all lined up and ran after each other over the wet grass. After only two rounds, I was already feeling tired. But I knew I couldn’t stop or slow down, then people would only laugh at me. And besides, even the girls in my class were still running. I couldn’t embarrass myself like that.
When we were done, I was already panting heavily. ‘Hmm, Jin is already tired~’, the same boy mocked. ‘That’s understandable, with such spaghetti legs.’, a girl commented. They laughed at each other with evil grins on their face. The boy gave me a shove and I had to step backwards to not fall over. ‘Weakling.’ I bit my lip to hide that it was trembling. ‘Let’s start with the lesson now! We’ll play soccer today.’ Perfect, my favorite subject., I thought sarcastically.

After the lesson, I couldn’t wait until all the other boys were finished changing before I could change, because that meant that I would be late for geography. So I had to change with them. I looked around in fear and after deciding that no one was watching me, I quickly stripped from my shirt. ‘Look at Jins chicken body.’, a classmate scoffed, and he poked my naked back. I tried grabbing my sweatshirt to cover my body with it, but the boy had already grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around so everyone could see me. Some boys laughed, others just grinned and turned away to mind their own business again. ‘Let me go.’, I said. Trying to sound confident did not work, and everyone could hear the vibration in my insecure voice. ‘Hmm, why should I? Shouldn’t we let Jin show more of his body, huh?’, he asked his classmates who immediately started cheering and snickering. ‘S-Stop it!’, I squeked when he grabbed the waistband of my shorts and tried to pull it down. ‘What are you going to do about it? Hit me?’ I hated the way that he spoke to me, like I was a stupid, weak child. The worst part was: he was right. I was weak, and I had nothing to do about the fact that he was embarrassing me in front of the whole class.
Although I was quite defenseless, I didn’t plan on just going down without a fight. I held on tight on my waistband, but eventually the boy got ahold of my hands, pinned them above me on the wall with one hand, and used the other to pull my shorts down and show my embarrassing light blue boxers and pale, skinny legs to the audience. My classmates were dying of laughter, and one even took a picture. The boy that was holding me finally let go and gave me a hard push so I would fall over with my face on the ground. ‘Stupid little faggot.’, he spit. And then they all just left, like nothing happened.

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