After lunch break, when I was just finished putting my books in my locker, I could feel a rough hand grabbing me from behind, turning me around and smashing me against my locker. It was the boy from earlier, who harassed me in the changing room. ‘What do you want?’ Surprisingly, my voice sounded quite confident this time. ‘I see you’re strangely annoying today. Even more than usual.’ ‘Let me go.’ ‘Ohh, you’re fighting back now, huh?’ The boy brought his face very close to mine and he gave me an annoying, provoking grin. Without thinking, I brought my hands up to his chest and pushed him away with quite some power for someone like me. He didn’t expect me to even try to push him away, and fell over by surprise. ‘Dirty little..-‘,he growled. Oh no, I was in big trouble now.

It could have been worse., I thought on my way home with the bus. I managed to make it out with only a nosebleed, before the bell saved me and he had no choice but let me go if he didn’t want to be late for his next lesson. He said: ‘I’ll wait for you after school.’, before pushing me aside and quickly sprinting up the stairs. He didn’t know that I didn’t have that lesson and that I was finished for that day, thank God.
When I was home, I got surprised by a message from Sungjin.

–Sungjinnie:Wanna FaceTime? My others friends are all still in school and I’m bored.

Only a few seconds after receiving the message, he called me. Without hesitation, I answered the call and positioned the phone so it was pointing at my face. I always enjoyed FaceTiming with Sungjin. It would usually end up with both of us singing along with the background music Sungjin had put up while making our homework. Singing was a thing we both really liked, and although I said so myself: we were both pretty good at it. Sungjin could play guitar as well, something that I found pretty impressive since I had no talent at all for playing instruments.
‘Hi Ji- Whoah what happened to your face!?’ I mentally cursed for finding out that my whole face was still bloody just a moment too late. ‘It’s nothing.’, I quickly said. I decided to immediately wash the blood off, also so that Sungjin could see that I wasn’t injured badly. ‘Are you still getting beaten up by your classmates?’ I stiffly nodded. ‘Aren’t you tired of it?’ ‘Of course I am!’ ‘Then why aren’t you doing anything about it?’ ‘Well what do you expect me to do?? Kill them all off so they can’t bother me anymore?’ ‘Switching schools? Alarming a teacher?’ I sighed. ‘I already alarmed a teacher and he said he’ll look out for it, but since they never do it right in front of a teacher, that’s kind of pointless. And I can’t switch schools, that’s financially impossible.’ Sungjin seemed to think for a moment. ‘Maybe you should learn how to defend yourself then?’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘Why don’t you join me and my friends at boxing classes?’ Even the thought of that already made me laugh. ‘Do you already imagine me in the ring? Yeah sure.’, I chuckled sarcastically. ‘I’m being serious, Jin. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself.’ ‘But I’m weak! I bet I’ll be absolutely fucking terrible at it.’ ‘That’s why you need to learn it! No one starts taking lessons in something that they’re already good at, that’s why you decide to learn it. Dowoon and Wonpil are both quite new too, they only started three months ago as well. You won’t be that far behind.’ I bit my lip and seriously thought about it for a moment. One side of me wanted to be respected and finally be able to properly teach those childish bastards a lesson. The other side of me didn’t want to embarrass myself even more, now in front of Sungjins friends instead of my classmates. They would probably laugh their asses off when they would see how bad I was. ‘So what do you say? I could send you a link to where you can sign yourself up.’ I sighed and slowly and hesitatingly said with immediate regret: ‘I’ll do it.’

Sungjin shortly after hung up because it was time for his training. He told me that he would inform his teacher about me so I didn’t have to sign myself up. I would train on the same days as him: Thursday and Saturday. That also meant that I would already have my first training in two days! Maybe, starting these lessons was a good choice after all, because I immediately started making plans for doing push-ups and sit-ups that evening, and repeating that every evening before getting into the shower. By doing that, I might not look like a complete noodle at boxing classes. Of course I couldn’t grow muscles in just two days, but maybe I could start noticing a difference after a few weeks, who knows?
To be honest, I did not expect push-ups to be that heavy. I could barely do five in a row, let alone my goal to do fifty. So I began with doing twenty, and stopping every five to take a few seconds rest. Sit-ups were luckily a bit easier, but I still managed to do only thirty before feeling completely exhausted. This made me realize one thing, however: I really needed to work on my physical strength.

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