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Sungjin POV

‘Hey guys.’, I greeted my friends in the locker room. ‘Hey Sungjin. You look happy, did something good happen?’, Brian asked. ‘Sort of. Did I tell you guys about Jin?’ ‘I think so.’, Jae mumbled while pulling his head through his t-shirt. ‘That boy who helped you with math, right?’ ‘Yeah that one. He will join our group here.’ ‘You mean he’s going to become a boxer?’ ‘Yeah I think so. He wants to be able to stand up for himself more, I guess it’s a good choice.’ ‘When will he come? And where’s Dowoon?’, Wonpil wondered. He was tying his shoe laces. ‘He will come next lesson, and I think Dowoon is late as always.’ Just when I said that, the door opened and Dowoon came in. ‘Hi guys.’, he panted. ‘I missed the bus.’ ‘Then hurry up, Dowoonie. The lesson will start in one minute.’ Brian playfully hit his head and Dowoon nodded shyly. I could see his ears get a bit pink. ‘So that Jin guy..’, Jae began. ‘Is he cute?’, he smirked. I laughed and shrugged. ‘See for yourself. But you better not scare him by saying creepy shit, ok?’ ‘Whaaat? I never do that!’ Jae pouted innocently and I rolled my eyes. ‘Yeah sure. You totally didn’t almost scare Wonpil away at his first lesson because you kept making creepy comments.’ Wonpil hit Jae’s arm in a sort of late revenge action. ‘I was just joking around!’ ‘Well you better not ‘joke around’ with Jin because otherwise I’ll kick your ass.’ ‘Why not? We need a little fun!’ I gave Jae a serious look. ‘I’m not kidding, Jae. He’s getting bullied and therefore his self-esteem is already somewhere in the deep pits of hell, so if something happens here, he probably won’t come back. I’m not saying he’s a pussy who can’t take a joke, but he needs a safe environment to learn what he needs to learn without creepy chickens. Anyways, let’s go inside before we’re all late. I bet Namjoon is already inside waiting for us.’ ‘I’m not done yet!’, Dowoon squealed while tying his shoelaces. ‘Well, we’ll be in the hall. Just hurry up and join us later.’ ‘I’ll stay with him, because I am nice.’, Wonpil sniffed. ‘Whatever stay with your boyfriend if you want to. Come on, Sungjin.’, Jae sighed. I grinned and rolled my eyes by the overflow of outraged reactions. ‘We’re not boyfriends!’, the youngest two screamed, and Brian scremed: ‘Hey, why are you ignoring me?!’ Aish I swear, these guys...


It was Saturday, the day of my first training. I had to admit: I was damn nervous. I spent almost an hour in front of the mirror doing my hair and picking my clothes, like I was going on a first date instead of exercising. But I couldn’t help wanting to make a good first impression. I had to look professional, cool and motivated. I needed them to think that I was a normal, cool guy. However, I didn’t have any boxing gloves of my own yet, so I really hoped that I could borrow some there and that I wasn’t supposed to already have those. I should probably buy those next week, if I had the money. I might needed to start looking for a job if I wanted to actually continue the lessons.
‘I’m late!’, squealed in panic when I saw the clock. I put on my shoes and sipped the zipper of my jacket with the speed of sound while I tried to remember where I left my keys. ‘The bathroom.’, I hissed. My legs carried me the quickest as possible to the bathroom so I could grab my keys from the sink to then run out of my apartment again. One of my neighbors stuck his head out of the window in anger because of my loud footsteps on the metal stairs down the building. ‘Sorry.’, I mumbled in my way down. I lived quite close to the sports hall, so I could just walk. Or in this case, run.
My head was already red and sweaty when I entered the building, and the lesson hadn’t even started yet. Luckily, Sungjin was waiting for me at the entrance so I didn’t have to find my way on my own. ‘And? Nervous?’, Sungjin asked while we walked inside. I bit my lip and nodded. ‘A little bit.’ ‘No need to be. They’re all very nice people. The teacher is very kind too.’ ‘O-Okay.’ ‘Just relax, it’ll be fine.’ ‘Just relax..’, I repeated.

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