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“How long will you be gone for?”

“Two days,” she mumbled, resting her chin on her knee while she used her index finger to draw meaningless circles in the sand. She looked up, squeezing her eyes to protect them from the first but nevertheless enthusiastic rays of sunshine the past month had seen. He sat next to her, playing with the chords of his sweater, not quite sure what to think. “They will have me do some tests,” she explained. “To see how good I am,” he shook his head, “Then when they see how good you are, you’re moving away,” he said, trying not to sound too sad. “I’m not,” she harshly said without looking at him. “I’m 14, I have to stay with mum. They’ll have me go to Malinooth.” He laughed silently, thinking about the girl of his dreams, although 2 years younger, would soon be taken into university to study medicine because the school they both were in now, couldn’t cope with her intellect. He was worried, thinking she might not make any friends there because they would all be so much older. Or that she would miss out on being a teenager or that she would not learn other things that weren’t that important in med school, like literature, or arts. “Malinooth is not too far away but once you’re in med school, you’re going to be studying all evening and I won’t have anyone to play soccer with. You’ll become even smarter than you are now and you won’t bother.” He looked at her, giving her goosebumps from staring into his piercing, grey blue eyes. “You’re too young,” he started, “but I hope you’ll make it in. And I’ll wait for you and when you get back, we can have study breaks and play soccer and go for waffles and when you graduate, you’ll be the youngest doctor ever and I’ll be even more proud of you than I am right now.” “When I graduate,” she jumped in, “you will have gotten bored with me for never spending enough time with you and you’ll have fallen in love with a pretty girl and you’ll have the four kids you’re always talking about.” “That’s strange,” he bit back, trying not to sound angry, “because I know the first girl I’ll ever fall in love with that is not you, you’ll bite her ear off,”

“I’m not in love with you,” she lied, sternly looking into his eyes, making him laugh a bit arrogantly, “You are, Flora. We are.”

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