(I changed Jins hair color from blonde to brown, thinking that it fitted his character more)

The teacher is an original, made up character

Namjoon POV

I wonder what that new boy will be like..., I wondered while undressing myself from my normal clothes and getting into my boxing ones. I also took out my gloves and the little box containing my dark grey mouth guard, but I didn’t put them on yet. Like usual, I was one of the first ones. ‘Hi Jae.’, I greeted the other boy. It was only us two yet. ‘Hey Joon.’ He smiled and wobbled around a little. We decided to do a little recap on the last lesson since we were apparently ten minutes early. Everyone would usually arrive around two minutes before the lesson would start, except for Dowoon who was usually quite late.
My eyes fell on Brian who entered the hall, but he placed his index finger on his lips as he sneaked up to Jae. ‘Aaarg!’, Jae exclaimed when the younger boy jumped on his back and roughly ruffled his hair. ‘Get off me!’ Jae bowed forwards to throw Brian off. When he was off, Brian immediately tried kicking Jae in his face, but he ended up almost falling over because he raised his leg too high. ‘You’re such a mess.’, I grinned. ‘Well you’re- Ah, it’s the new boy.’ I immediately looked up and felt my chest tighten a little.
He was... cute.
When Sungjin told us about his friend, I imagined kind of a looser. Not in a bad way, I assumed we could get along quite nicely. But when you talk about a weak boy who gets bullied, you won’t expect him to be so... normal. The boy who was fallowing my friend looked down at his feet while shyly entering the hall. His hair was brown and had a cute, messy look to it. And his face was just... handsome. What also surprised me was that his shoulders were quite broad for someone like him, with a low amount of muscle mass in his body. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue basketball shorts that for some reason matched his hair quite well.
I quickly looked away when I realized that I was staring. The teacher greeted him and shook his hand. The teacher his name was Jeokung, but he preferred to be called King when he was in the ring, like a stage name. Brian, who had been training the longest amount of time of us, also liked to be called Young K when he was fighting in the ring.
‘Silence, everyone!’, King spoke. Then he looked at the new boy with an expectant look. ‘M-My name is Kim Seokjin.’, he started mumbling. ‘But you can just call me Jin!’, the boy quickly blunted out. Then he looked at his feet again and nervously fidgeted with the bottom of his shirt. ‘And I’m eighteen years old. I’m looking forward t-to t-train with you g-guys.’ I almost felt pity for how nervous and shy he looked and how he was suttering. That poor boy must’ve had so many bad experiences with his rude classmates that he was socompletely self-conscious now.


‘Should we do a short introduction round?’, Sungjin suggested. ‘The teacher approved. ‘Well, I’m Jeokung, but you can call me King. I am thirty-two years old and I’m your teacher.’ I shyly nodded. Then the eyes were on Sungjin again. ‘What?’, he asked. ‘He already knows me!’ He turned his head to face the boy standing next to him. ‘Me?’ ‘Yes you, you idiot.’ The boy looked up and smiled at me. ‘My name is Wonpil. I’m seventeen years old, and I’ve only been training here for three months.’ The next boy looked a bit shy as well when he mumbled: ‘Same as Wonpil, and my name is Dowoon.’ I was quite surprised when I heard his voice. He had a cute face and appeared to be the youngest of the group, so I expected to hear an equally as cute voice. But his voice was rather deep and manly. The next guy was called Jae, he was nineteen years old. ‘Come on, you’re next, Brian.’ Jae poked the boy next to him in the ribs. ‘It’s Young K!’, he said outraged. I looked at the teacher in confusion. He made a sound that was I between laughing and sighing and said: ‘Brian likes to be called Young K when he’s fighting in the ring. But no one ever calls him that.’ He looked especially at Jae when he said that. Brian poked Jae back, a bit too hard to be called friendly. ‘And I’m nineteen too.’, Brian growled. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as well. The last boy stood a bit out from the group. All the other boys had black, brown or blond hair, but this one had his hair dyed in a dark, grayish purple. His body looked a bit more buffed up compared to the others, and he also looked a bit more... mature. He smiled at me nicely and said: ‘My name is Namjoon. I’m eighteen as well. It’s nice to meet you.’ I nodded at him and mumbled a very quiet ‘Nice to meet you too.’ back, but probably even too soft for him to hear it. ‘Okay guys.’ The teacher clapped in his hands. ‘Let’s begin with a warming up.’
The warming up was to my surprise pretty good to do. Yes, my legs burned a bit after doing squats, but I didn’t magnate to embarrass myself yet, luckily. After the warm-up, the teacher told us to make pairs. Since we were with seven, the teacher formed a pair with me. Probably also because he didn’t want any of the others boys with my untalented ass, but he didn’t say that.
‘We’ll start with practicing a ‘duck’ and a ‘Bob and Weave’. I’ll teach you what it is, Jin. It’s not that hard, I’m sure you can do it.’ ‘I’m not that sure of it...’, I mumbled, but soft enough so the teacher wouldn’t hear it.
‘Okay Jin, these movements are important if you want to do any match. You can be great at punching, but without ducking or doing a Bob and Weave, you can loose a match against any beginner.’ ‘O-Okay.’ ‘Can you guess what kind of movements these are, then?’ I tried not to say anything dumb and said hesitatingly: ‘Defense?’ ‘Yes yes, very good! A duck is quite easy, we have basically already done it a moment ago.’ I frowned, trying to remember when we did that. ‘It’s basically just a movement where you drop your weight and crouch to dodge a punch.’ I nodded understanding. That indeed didn’t sound that hard. ‘So if I punch you.’ King slowly brought his boxing glove towards me. ‘You...?’ I quickly crouched. ‘Very good, very good.’, King smiled. ‘Really?’ ‘Yes, it was good. Only try to put one leg in front, that’s always with boxing.’ ‘Which leg?’ ‘Right now it depends on how I’m trying to hit you. If I will hit you on your right shoulder, put your right foot in front.’ We trained the dodging like that for a while, until King decided we would practice punching. ‘Young K, would you like to help Jin with finding some good gloves?’, he asked. Brian’s face immediately lit up when King called him Young K.
‘Come on.’ He smiled and tapped my shoulder. I fallowed him into a big walk-in closet with some other materials as well. In a metal closet in the corner, there were a few pairs of boxing gloves. ‘Could you show me your hands?’ I hesitatingly held up my hands. He nodded and held up two pairs. ‘Do you prefer one?’ There was one black and yellow pair, and the other one was golden and dark blue. ‘Not really.’ ‘I think the blue ones are a bit lighter and therefore nice for a beginner. Just tell me when they don’t fit or when something is wrong.’ I nodded. ‘I will, thank you.’ The boy took his own gloves off to help me put on my own ones and make sure that the velcro was tight. He was wearing some kind of bondages around his hands as well. ‘Don’t I need things like that?’, I asked, pointing at the black strips around his hands. ‘It’s not necessary for you now. By the way, I would recommend you go to the sports shop close to the big mall if you want your own gloves. I got mine there and they’re really nice. You could continue borrowing these of course, but having your own is nice too if you want to practice at home. And it doesn’t seem very nice, wearing gloves where other people their sweaty hands have been in.’ I nodded again. ‘I’ll think about it. Thanks for helping me, Young K.’ ‘No problem.’ Brian winked.

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