Grimm Rikkard Cave—Hall


Grimm — Anglo-Saxon — Fierce
Rikkard — Scandinavian — Strong Ruler
Hall — English — Forgiving


25th of May



Ph.D. in Software Engineering , 1st year

After acquiring his bachelors degree and majoring in software engineering, Grimm now tries to get a Ph.D. in the same study. He's driven and works hard for it, as he also combines his research with his work.

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Grimm has a parttime job as a developer for the US Navy. He works at home, as this is also his research for his thesis. He uses all his newly found information in coding and leaks as research material, so his work and study are two parts of a bigger whole. The big advantage of his 'plan of attack' is that Grimm can fund himself on his yearly salary of around 75.000 dollars. The young American does have a trust fund, but he disregards it most of the time and barely spends any money handed to him by his parents.




Mary Elizabeth Cave-Hall — deceased — mother — 35
Finnegan Hall — alive — father — 59
Alicia Amarena Mayer-Hall — alive — halfsister — 13
Lorelei Mayer-Hall — alive — stepmother — 33


Mary era — Age 0 to 10
Grimm used to be a happy kid. He loved his mom with all his heart and he always gave her his brightest smiles when he was little. He knew that his mother always smiled back where his father could be cold and unforgiving. He used to cling to his mother a lot and would always seek out her guidance when he needed some. When she died, Grimm was 10 years old. Mary fell off a flight of stairs after fainting, suffering trauma to her skull. By the time they found her she had been dead for 3 hours. Little Grimm was emotionally devastated and he almost didn't talk if he didn't need to and he ate next to nothing. He went from hovering to chubby to really skinny in a couple of months.

Lorelei era — Age 11 to 18
After the death of his mother, Grimm grew more distant. He tried to be more independent, even at the age of eleven. He kept on doing so even after his dad married his stepmom Lorelei. He started by severely disliking her, not letting her touch him and het grew even more defiant as he got older. His dad thought it would be a phase, but Grimm kept giving Lorelei the side-eye, starting to call her 'Trophy' at the age of 16. His dislike progressed into hate and he finally saw the 26 year gap for what it was. He likes to talk back to her, because since he became a earning part of society he likes to rub in that he is his own man.
Even though he hates Lorelei, he cannot bring himself to hate Alicia, his half-sister. He always calls her Cherry, because she's a sweet child, just like the second name tells the world.

Living alone — Age 19 to 22
At the start, Grimm lived in his apartment on his own for 3 years. Wanting to pay for his studies himself, he thought sharing the huge place would be a good idea, because it would lower the rent. His bachelor studies went pretty smoothly, although in his first two years he did attend a lot of parties and fucked around a lot.

Today he lives together with Rhine. They share a kitchen and a living room. Both males have their own respective rooms and bathrooms. The complex they live in has a pool and a little gym.



Charsmatic — Natural leader — Huge flirt — Walls up — Defensive — Sarcastic — Levelheaded — Plays things down — Tease — Smart — Pays attention to detail — Metalhead — Channels violent tendencies into hockey — Protective little shit — Passionate — Huge nerd — Self-assured — Holds grudges — No shame — Dominant — Doesn't know when to give up — Social — Playful — Occasional prankster — Innovative — Adapts quickly — Strong — Knows himself well — Can drink like there's no tomorrow without hangovers — Blunt — Contradictory — Heart of gold — Messy — Punch first, ask questions later — Will lure you into the battlefield he feels comfortable in — Can sleep anywhere — Grounded — Goal hunter — Daring — Rebellious — Will fight for you if he thinks you're worthy — Jealous — Ambitious — First one to rush to you to help — Foul mouth — Has proper manners — Brutally honest — Ready to face consequences to his actions — Devilish in some cases — Independent — Adventurous — Coarse — Always ready with comebacks — Fun-loving — Will make time for thing he likes — Skeptical — Likes facts — Always surprising — Can be forceful if he's trying to prove his point — Likes himself a good argument




190 cm tall — Blue eyes, the scary kind, condescending, but can hold warmth when directed at the right people — Mid length, dark brown hair to contrast his light eyes — Heavy eyebrows, a shade darker than his hair — Semilong lashes — Strong jawline — Visible cheekbones, but not extraordinary — Broad shoulders — Positively ripped because of his hockey regime — Long legs — Scar on his left cheek because of a hit he took in hockey — Multiple scars on his torso and back because he was stupid enough to wear a thin shirt whilst fooling around on the ice — Round scar on this left bicep, puncture wound because of his own stupid ass falling onto his skate while he was drunk — Tattoo: ace of spades behind his ear — Tattoo: a snake with his mom's date of passing in Roman numerals — Tattoo: Devil in Japanese (悪魔) on his right shoulderblade — Tattoo: Side rib, two kois — Always clean-shaven, but grows facial hair fast — Has no sense of style, but gets away with it because he owns a lot of colourless and black stuff — Massive bedhead



Grimm is not actually his birthname. He switched up Rikkard and Grimm as soon as he could legally do it . He still hates his middle name, as it screams 'posh' but he can't let it go, because it's still the name his mother agreed upon. Although she did call him Grimm when she was alive.

Grimm is a smoker. Not very heavily, but he does smoke a five to six cigarettes a day. He prefers 'Lucky Strikes', but when those aren't available he'll mostly go for Marlboro. He always smokes one before breakfast. His first one is also married with his daily cup of coffee. He'll always smoke on their terrace because he doesn't want his whole living space to smell like smoke and he is aware that it's also damaging all the things in the house. Including himself.

Grimm and Rhine reside on the top floor of the flat condo, which means they own the loft. Even though it's a pretty nice building, Grimm managed to break their doorbell. It now holds the sarcastic note 'DOORBELL'S FUCKED, SHOUT 'DING DONG' REALLY LOUD' and the older male is too lazy to get it fixed. So now people just have to call one of the residents of the loft to get access to their crib. It also means that people that they don't know can't disturb them.

Grimm has been playing hockey since middle school, against the wishes of his father and stepmother. He loves the sport, although he plays only at amateur level. He does gain a little money when playing matches. He's an offence and defense defense man, meaning he has a lot of physical action in his games. He ends up bruised a lot. He sometimes goes by the term 'enforcer', but this isn't an official position in the game. He trains 3 hours a week on the ice and another 3 out of the rink, think cardio and muscle training. Grimm's favorite team in the NHL is the LA Kings.

— Aspartame
      Grimm has an allergy for this sweetener, which means he can't drink any kind of diet coke. The side-effect is that you'll have to find him in some restroom, because he'll be on the toilet for hours.

— Dust
      It's not a heavy allergy, but Grimm is allergic to dust. Even though he's a chaotic person when it comes to leaving stuff lying around, he does his best to keep everything devoid of dust. He'll have sneezing fits when there's too much dust in places.

Grimm uses a lot of slang when he speaks. He also tends to cut and stick words together (e.g; hafta, c'mere). It makes him come across as less refined and a little boorish, but it fits the image that is him well. Nothing more embarrassing than an illiterate guy telling you your place, right?

Prime numbers — Musicals, in secret — Raccoons — Physical contact — Hockey — Outsmarting people — Control — Surprises — Metal — Bonfires — Guitars — Skating — Skiing — Hickeys

Spiders and flying bugs, he might scream if they land on him — Children — Some female singers — Veganism — Religion — Restrictions — Pink — Romantic movies — His stepmom

— Sports
      Grimm is talented in the sports department. He's a fast runner and performs best on sprints, but de trained to be able to long distance runs as well. He seems pretty natural at every kind of sports that involves handling a ball in any kind of shape. It's no surprise that he used to get the highest scores for physical education in high school. He did get scouted for a hockey team once, but he declined their offer.
— Dancer
      Grimm's hidden talent is the fact that he has some moves when on the dance-floor. People mostly don't expect him to be a good dancer because of his large body or his nerdy tendencies, but he knows a little bit of hip hop moves because of the crowd he used to hang with. So you better not get into dance battles with the young tech guy.
— Basic guitar
      Grimm knows the basics of how to play a guitar. He is by no means a rockstar, but he likes to fool around with his instruments from time to time. He owns both an acoustic and an electrical guitar.

The young man is an absolute trashcan and will eat about anything you put in front of him and is edible. He's also willing to try anything and will always taste before judging. The amounts of food Grimm can eat tend to raise some eyebrows. There's a joke about him having a black hole in his stomach. Next to that Grimm has excellent table manners.

Grimm drives a black 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. Black rims, black interior. The car is his baby and he treats it with utmost care. Even though Grimm's not one to break rules, he does occasionally speed a little, because it's just too damn tempting.


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