Many thanks to VampireMouse for reviewing the previous part.
This one is a super short scene; sorry about that. But as always: 3 reviews and I post another piece! (:

‘It says here on your resumé that you finished your degree before the summer. Have you been searching for a job since then?’
It had been several days since that phone call with Tom, several days since the vacancy in Los Angeles really became an option in her mind. Since then, Anna had decided he was right. What reason did she have not to at least go there for a job interview. Chances were high that they would not want her. And if they did, why should what her parents want really matter? Besides, it was Los Angeles, not the other side of the planet – where they had once moved her to. ‘No, I haven’t. After finishing my degree I have taken a break… due to private reasons. I have been living and working as a waitress in Santa Barbara during that time.’
The man nodded, writing down something on his clipboard, before he turned his smile back on her. ‘So, miss Anna, what do you think makes you the ideal person for this job?’

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  • Eleonora

    Ik moest even bijlezen!!
    Ik denk dat zij de job gaat hebben:)

    4 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ze moet er gewoon voor gaan. Ik hoop zo voor haar dat ze word aangenomen!

    4 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Thanks that i count for 3, hihi.
    I hope sheet is getint the job.
    Really love reading in English it gets way easier with the chapters. Only my writing isnt the best. But if You aint trying You can't get better ^^
    Love it (:

    4 jaar geleden

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