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When the door opened, Anna was surprised – and disappointed – to find it was Bill who had answered, and she quickly and inconspicuously wiped at her eyes. ‘Uh hi. I was… does Tom happen to be home?’
‘He should be soon,’ he said, and moved aside so she could enter the house. He led her to the living room area where she seated herself on the couch. Pumba almost immediately came barrelling into the room and nestled itself closely against her. ‘Can I… Do you want anything to drink?’
‘No thanks, I’m good. You can return to whatever it is you were doing, don’t mind me, I’ll just wait here for a bit.’ Anna rubbed her arms, cursing the blazer for its prettiness but complete lack of comfort.
Bill seemed as if he wanted nothing more than to get away as far as possible from her and her obvious emotionality, but surprised Anna by sitting on the sofa across from her. ‘Are you okay?’
‘I’m just having a really shitty day,’ Anna admitted, a watery smile appearing on her face despite herself. Then she added, ‘Job hunting,’ as if that would explain it.
‘Still no luck? Tom mentioned that you were looking for something with children, right?’
She nodded, ‘Today I had a job interview here in LA, after some urging from your brother.’
‘Didn’t it go well?’
‘No. I don’t know. Maybe? I just hate how they ask you all these personal questions, like it’s any of their business. I have my degree, I graduated with high marks, why should they care I’ve been spending the last half year working a waitressing job?’
Bill looked a little lost for words, but was spared an answer as just then the front door opened. Both him and Anna looked immensely relieved when Tom came barging into the room two seconds later, the waterfall of German curses ending as soon as he noticed their guest.
‘I’ll leave you two,’ Bill excused himself almost immediately, and all but ran from the room.
‘Hey,’ Anna smiled pathetically, waving her hand shortly at her friend. Even as she did so, tears were welling up in her eyes.
The frown dissolved from his face almost instantly, ‘Anna, what’s wrong?’
‘Job interview.’
‘You went to the practice in LA? How did it go?’ He dropped his keys on the salon table, and sat down on her side that was not already claimed by his English Bulldog.
‘I want to stay at home for the rest of my life. Can I do that?’
Tom chuckled, removing an errand lock of her hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear. ‘If it were up to me you could. But I don’t think that would make you happy, do you?’
Anna sighed, ‘I suppose not.’
‘So care to tell me what happened?’

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  • Luckey

    Komy wel goed
    Ook al haat ik die gespreke. XP

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ik ben ook zo benieuwd hoe het gesprek is gegaan haha

    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    Interviews sucken helemaal niet! Gewoon goed voorbereid zijn.

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Aaah love it! Job interviews sucks, know all about that!

    2 jaar geleden

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