I'm blown away by the awesome reviews I got on the previous piece! Many thanks to Luckey, VampireMouse, kilalala, Fielding, and Eleonora. About this piece: it's really short, I know (and I feel suuuuuper bad because it's even more so when compared to yesterday's piece). Anyway, as you know I've got the next piece waiting and will of course post it if I get 3 reviews. (:

When he said they would find a way to work around the issue, Anna hadn’t expected Tom to announce that he and Bill would be flying back to Germany for a month – and the news struck her like lightning. As if that wasn’t enough, she got a call from her mother the next day to ask her when she thought she would be coming back to Sacramento.
‘I can’t come home,’ Anna grounded through clenched teeth, mindful not to shout at her well-meaning, but terribly aggravating mother.
‘And why would that be?’
‘I… I have found a job.’ A lie; technically she still hadn’t heard anything about the job interview. However, it was better than saying that she didn’t want to go home because she couldn’t face her parents. Or that everything at home reminded her too much of her dead ex-fiancé.
‘A job?’
‘Yes, at a psychology practice for children. In LA.’
Her mother had completely lost her cool after that, and Anna had quickly ended the call. At least nothing had been said about a certain gossip article. Once again, thank heavens for small mercies.

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  • Eleonora

    Ze is een volwassen en soms moet je aan jezelf denken.
    Go Anna!!

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ik hoop zo voor haar dat ze word aangenomen!

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    I hope she gets the job

    2 jaar geleden
  • Luckey

    Oh boy

    2 jaar geleden
  • TimothyMcGee

    Why the three reviews, actually?

    And poor Anna. :c can't she be the psychologist of the band? 😇 hahah

    2 jaar geleden

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