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Unknown: Hello Anna. This is Josh; Ianís friend. Your mom told my mom you got a job in LA. As you may know I still live there. How would you feel about grabbing a coffee together someday? We donít have to talk about Ian if you donít want to. X Josh
The message had been on her phone when she woke up the next morning and despite the passing of many hours, she still had not responded. To be honest, she felt little desire to talk to someone from the past, least of all one of Ianís friends. Although they had always been nice to her, they had been mostly businessmen, successful and working, and in a completely different stage of life than her. They had little to discuss Ė and given the circumstances, it wouldnít be hard to guess what they would be left talking about. The wound may have started to ache a little less over the passing months, but that didnít mean Anna was ready or willing to tear it back open. And yet, he himself had said they would not have to talk about it.
She drummed her fingers on the black screen of her phone. She had been feeling rather lonely lately, what with her greatly reduced number of hours working at the diner and Tom being out of the country. Perhaps it would be good for her, just to go out and talk again with a friend like normal people did. Like she used to do.
Anna: Hi Josh. I would love to grab a coffee soon. Iím hunting for apartments in the city, so will be there most of next week. Let me know which day is convenient for you.

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  • VampireMouse

    Ben benieuwd welke rol josh gaat spelen:)
    Hoop dat ze een appartement vind ^^

    2 jaar geleden
  • Luckey

    Wie is jodh en wat moet die nog meer van det

    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    Hmm spannend... ik ben benieuwd welke rol Josh gaat spelen(lol)

    2 jaar geleden

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