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Here's a bit more about Josh. (:

She arrived at the coffee shop – the very same one she had just happened to be in the previous week – at 11.55 PM, early as was her habit. When her eyes could not find the sharply dressed young man she was meeting with, Anna sat down at one of the tables by the window. Just as she went to put her bag down, her phone started buzzing and she took it out quickly.
‘Hi Tom,’ she smiled as she pressed the green phone. Almost immediately, loud music reached her ear and she could only imagine that he was at some party or another. It was after all still early in the morning in Germany.
‘Hi Anna! How are you doing?’
‘Good, much more sober than you are I should imagine. Please remind me why you are calling me when you are clearly at a party.’
‘Because it’s a total bore,’ Tom admitted laughingly. ‘Besides we haven’t talked in ages. So how are you?’
‘You already asked me that,’ she said, more amused than annoyed at his antics. Just then she noticed that a pair of finally tailored jean-clad legs had stopped by her table, and she looked up to find her “date”, for lack of a better word. Making a excusing gesture towards the man, she refocused on the telephone conversation. ‘Look Tom, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later, all right?’
When she had swiftly stuffed away her phone, Anna stood to embrace her ex-fiancé’s best friend since high school. ‘It’s nice to see you, Josh. You are looking good.’ And it was true. Time had been kind on the boy she had once considered an arrogant, stuck-up fratboy. He had grown into his looks, growing a scruffy beard that covered the lower half of his strong jawline and his cleft chin. He wasn't wearing the three-piece suit she had expected, but rather was dressed in simple – but stylish – jeans, and a cashmere blue sweater.
‘So do you. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important just now. Was that your boyfriend?’
Anna felt herself flush, as she hastened to correct him, ‘Heavens no! I’m not… we are not… I am not seeing anyone at the moment. Obviously…’
‘Obviously,’ he repeated with a sympathetic smile, as he sat down at the table.
When the silence stretched on, Anna found herself saying. ‘He’s a friend. German. Knows all about the struggles of moving to this strange country with its strange customs… and people.’
Just then a waitress arrived at their table, and Anna was luckily spared another chance at humiliating herself. For the moment, at least.

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  • Eleonora

    Hij heeft duidelijk interesse!
    Tom moet snel terugkomen.

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Oeww vriendje... Wie weeet hahaha

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Oeww vriendje... Wie weeet hahaha

    2 jaar geleden
  • Luckey

    Nice part!

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Boyfriend... nog niet ? Haha

    2 jaar geleden

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