Many thanks to Luckey, kilalala, VampireMouse (2x), and Eleonora for reviewing the last scene. I am glad you were as excited about the mere mention of the word "boyfriend" as I was. (;

When they left the little café that afternoon, it was four hours later and Anna could honestly say that while the start had definitely been uncomfortable, she had had a good time. True to his word, Josh had not said a word about Ianís death and had not asked her how she was holding up. Instead, they had conversed about music, movies, and the city, and Anna found they had quite a lot in common.
He insisted on walking her to the train station and when she had finally seated herself in the train back to Santa Barbara, she took out her phone. And noticed she had six new texts.
Tom: This party would have been so much nicer with you here.
Tom: What are you doing????
Shelly: Iíll be making lasagne tonight. Are you eating at home?
Tom: Anna, are yyou mad??
Tom: Donít be mad, Annna.
Tom: Waas ist los? Do you wannt me to come over? Bitte antworte mich, Anna. Ixh bin g
She quickly typed a reply to Shelly, telling her she would be at home in little over an hour. Then she opened another draft to send to Tom, although she had no idea what to send to him. Obviously he had had more than a little too much to drink Ė that much was evident Ė but he appeared rather worried. Then again, she reminded herself with a grimace, she didnít really have the best track record of taking care of herself, so maybe he had a reason to worry.
Anna: Hi Tom, Iím fine, donít you worry. Though I might start to worry about you Ė and that killer headache you will no doubt wake up with tomorrow. Take care of yourself for me, okay? Anna

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    Tom is cuteeeeeeeeeee hihi

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    Do you want me to come over haha alsof het vlak bij de deur is en dan ook nog in het Duits erbij altijd leuk dronken mensen die smsen

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    Cute, drunk Tom. ❤
    I want Tom to visit Anna againnnnnn

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    Drinken en smsen daar krijg je altijd spijt vanxD

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