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In the next two and a half weeks she spent most days desperately – and fruitlessly – searching for any rooming that was even remotely decent and affordable. On the last Friday of her first month of apartment hunting, she came home with aching feet, dampened spirits, and to a letter. Or so she thought at first. When she opened the crispy white, thick envelope and pulled out a small card, she hastily threw it back on the kitchen counter and stepped back, if only to get as far away from it as possible.
It was a wedding invitation. Katy, her best friend in high school, was getting married. Based on the original address stamped on the envelope, she guessed it had been first sent to her parents, before it was forwarded to her new address. This suspicion that the girl had obviously not been informed about last year’s events was confirmed when she read the first line.

Dear Anna and Ian,

We, William and Katherine, are getting married. We cordially invite you for the ceremony on April 26, at three o’clock at the Trinity Episcopal Parish, Seattle. If you cannot attend, please let us know before April 2.

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