She ate her meals at the same time every day. She did not step on the cracks in the street. She always had to tap her fingers on the door three times before opening it. Nothing in her room was out of place and she spent hours each day making sure that there was not a single flock of dust on the surfaces of her furniture. And she liked to fit people into the world like puzzle pieces. Once the people had a certain place in the world, it was hard to change their fate. Some people tried, but she always pushed them back in the little cage where they belonged, where she thought they belonged. Nobody could come too close to her. She would scream, yell, protest until they went back to their safe places, far enough from her to make her stop. Then she would focus her eyes somewhere else to make sure they wouldn’t try to step out of their safe zone. Afterwards, she focused back on the thing she was doing: maybe scrubbing the floor or dusting off the framed pictures on the nightstand in her room. While she was doing her chores, even though it took up her entire day, she sang. Nobody could understand her language, no one knew what words she was singing or even what song she had in mind, but she sang. All different kinds of sounds left her mouth and made their way into the world. Some songs sounded beautiful and soothing, while other times she shrieked and cried and tears would run down her pale cheeks. Within minutes she changed her crying into cooing without thinking twice about it. But whenever one of the people tried to leave their cages, she would once again look up at them, her face all red. Her teeth would sink in her lower lip and if she bit hard enough, she would be able to taste blood. And that would make her angry. The red colored drops fell down and landed on the floor, and immediately she would grab a towel and try to get rid of the stain. While cleaning, she would mumble to herself. No songs this time, just mumbling. Nobody could understand this either. She made up her own language to make sure nobody knew what she was talking about. Her lips moved as fast as her arms could move and she licked her lower lip and tasted the blood and closed her eyes for a second every time she heard a sound that she did not make. She would keep scrubbing until her arms were sore, her hands were blistered and the stain was gone. And even after that she was not satisfied, but she could not get herself to clean more. She was tired and she pulled her knees up to her chest and she fell to the side, with her head on the spotless floor and her eyes slowly closing. She was tired and her body hurt. The floor was not comfortable, but at this point she did not have the energy to pull herself up to her bed, and then decided to sleep on the floor, since she cleaned it so well. She deserved a break. She earned it.
      At the point where she was almost asleep, she heard a noise again and immediately she sat up straight. Her blue eyes looked around the room and she saw somebody outside her cage. Even though her body was tired, she crawled up and started muttering words again. Her hands grabbed the bars and she tried to grab the person outside the puzzle. The mumbling transformed into screaming. Loud, unintelligible words found their way into the world and she felt the anger building up in her small, fragile body.
      ‘Calm down,’ one of the people said. They tried to change their fate, but it was not right. They had to go back to their own spot, not stand here. It was no use. ‘Let’s go,’ he said then and he put the tray with the food down. He and the others left her in total silence and her screaming stopped as quickly as it came. The smell of eggs overwhelmed her and she pushed her arm through the bars and grabbed the plate and started munching down.
      She ate her meals at the same time every day.

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  • Rozenthee

    Super orgineel van mezelf maar: wederom goed. Het duurde een tijdje voor ik doorhad waar je heen ging maar je schrijft echt heel goed.

    9 maanden geleden

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