Rhine Kingston

      Rhine — r • AY • n — a river in Europe
      Kingston — k • IH • ng • s • t • uh • n — town of the king

Rhine was named after the river from the village where his mother was born in Basel, Switzerland. For his parents, the Rhine is important since Rhine's father proposed to his mother directly next to the river (a story that Rhine heard about a thousand times in his life already). Besides that, Rhine's parents had sex for the first time at that place. But luckily, Rhine is unaware of that embarrassing fact.
Rhine's parents travel to Basel at anniversaries to visit the Rhine and buy their son a stupid souvenir with his name on it (after ten years Rhine found out it wasn't his name but the name of the river).


      24 • Februari, 14

Rhine is born on Valentine's Day, which he hates with his entire being. Therefore, Rhine dislikes celebrarting his birthday and usually skips it as he doens't care much for presents anyway. Rhine does buys himself a cupcake every year in his favorite flavor (chocolate).


      Bachelor of Law

Rhine is currently in the third and final year of his Bachelor of Law, which means that he needs to do the exam for the national Bar of Law so he can get started on his master.


      Grudson Laywers

Rhine has a paid internship, which consist mostly out of paper work. It's exhausting and time consuming, but Rhine doesn't want to quit even though his grades are suffering. Rhine's boss (mister Grudson) is an asshole, drillmaster and overall terrible person who pushes Rhine past his limits almost every day.


      Father — Augustus Kingston • 59 • Judge
      Mother — Heide Kingston–Maurer • 53 • Surgeon (cardiothoracic)

Rhine is the only child of the power couple Gus and Heide Kingston. Gus origins from Seattle, America and Heide from Basel, Switzerland. Although Gus and Heide both have a big family in their countries, Rhine never saw any of his family members during his childhood because everyone was simply too busy. The Kingstons and Maurers value only one thing: succes.
Rhine's parents are both high ranked members in their professions since before Rhine was born — their work is their everything.

Rhine grew up in an extremely wealthy environment in his childhood. But the downside to this was that his parents were gone most times, so Rhine has no idea what it feels like to grow up in a loving home. Rhine had a nanny named Pomona, which he stubbornly called Poppy, from the age of two to sixteen. Poppy is the idea of a motherly figure for Rhine, so he adores her like no other person in the whole world. Still, he calls her every week to talk about his whereabouts.
After Poppy left, Rhine was launched into adulthood within seconds: he needed to go to big, fancy parties and got a lot of responsibilities about his own life. Rhine — golden boy he is — never asked for help or complained, resulting in a burn out at the young age of seventeen. Rhine spend three months into a small clinic for meantal health issues to get a grip at his burnout.
Rhine decides three years ago that he wanted to live on his own — which resulted in looking for appartments and ending up with Grimm. Rhine loves the feeling of freedom it gives him to have his own place, even though it's with a jock like Grimm.

Afraid of his own feelings and seksuality • Always on the edge of getting an burn out • Ambitious (around his profession) • Can freak out about the most tiniest thing • Can't hold his liquor so he gets drunk after three drinks already • Cleans obsessively and compulsive • Controlfreak • Doesn't know what his own boundaries and limits are and pushes them all the time without realizing it • Insecure • Jealous easily and about the tiniest thing • Luxurious • Perfectionist (around himself but not around others) • Pretends to be better than other people • Relaxes when he's playing the violin • Snobbish • Stubborn • Values materialistic stuff and money • When he's got an opinion it's almost impossible to make him think otherwise • Wants to be a leader but actually is a follower • Wants to show other people (especially his boss and parents) that he can do it (whatever it is) • Workaholic until he drops down

Rhine is a man with an average lenght — around 179 centimeters — and has a lean body with long, strong muscles that aren't too visible. Rhine has an almost sickly, pale complexion on skin — he doesn't tan and quickly bruises.
Rhine has ravenblack hair, which is curly, messy and untamable — especially when he gets out of his bed. Rhine has bright green eyes with specks of gold around the iris. Although Rhine needs glasses (mostly while reading) he doesn't use them because he's ashamed. Therefore he gets a lot of headaches.
Rhine has a broad nose, high cheeckbones and a squared jawline — which has almost no facial hair (something Rhine hates with he's got). Rhine has absurdly dark, long eyelashes and dark, thick eyebrows which gives him a brooding, dark expression all the time.
Rhine has a vertical scar on his upper lip because of a stupid accident where he cut himself with a scissor. Because of him playing the violin, Rhine's got callus on his hands and vingertips.
Rhine is alwasy dressed to impressed with the most expensive clothes. Although he loves shopping for clothes, he loves shoes even more — therefore he has an entire closet for his shoecollection.

Rhine loves — no, he adores — Oreo's in all different kinds of flavors. Wherever he goes, he's got Oreo's with him to snack along the way. Rhine doesn't care about the dipping, licking and twisting of Oreo's but just stuffs them in his mouth without any thought.

Because of a traggic accident involving the daughter of the neighbours Rhine has a huge fear of water and therefore the fear of drowning. When Rhine was seven, the neighbours daughter drowned in the pool and even though Rhine wasn't present — but simply heard the tale — he still has nightmares about her dead, floating body.
Rhine doens't know how to swim since he was too scared to learn and he even freaks out around a bathtub. When Rhine showers, it's quick. Rhine is pretty ashamed of his fear.

Rhine is a bit OCD around cleaning — especially in the appartment — so he's spends most of his time cleaning until he's happily satisfied (which is almost never). Rhine loves the silence of cleaning and eventually the feeling of order he gets inside his head.
Rhine bites on the end of his pencils and pens while learning or working so he needs to throw most of them away.



Rhine is an in the closet bisexual — but he doesn't know it himself. Rhine's image of the world is black and white: men love women and women love men, simple as that. Rhine felt some 'abnormal' feelings for guys before, but he always whisked it away.

Rhine has been playing the violin since he was around five years old. Although his mother pushed him to start playing the instrument, Rhine slowly grew into loving the music and solitude the of playing. Within a few years, Rhine mastered playing the violin like no other and even played in a few small concerts.

Bed • Blankets • (hot) Chocolate • Cleaning • Clothes • Cuddling • Effort • Law • Money • Movies • Music • Order • Oreo's • Rain • Reading • Restrictions • Rules • Shakespeare • Shopping • Sleeping • Solitude • Violin • Winning • Working

Animals • Attention • Bathtubs • Beach • Bugs • Chaos • Children • Comics • Dirt • Failing • Games • Gaming • Glasses • Mess • Pools • Sand • Sea • Showers • Sports • Swimming • Violence • Water

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