Brian POV

I felt bad for Namjoon. He was in such a difficult situation. On one hand, I didn’t get why he was being so difficult. He seemed unhappy in the relationship, and didn’t that mean that he had to break up? But on the other hand, I understood that it wasn’t that easy. He really did seem to still love the girl that he fell in love with. Anyways, I decided to not interfere with it too much.

‘Okay class, we’re going to switch things up a little today.’, King said, and he clapped in his hands. ‘First of all, I want to mix up the usual pairs that you guys always make. Namjoon will be with Wonpil, Jae with Jin, Sungjin will be with me and Dowoon and Young K can be together.’ I was surprised that King let Jin fight with Jae instead of teach him himself, since this was only his second lesson. Well, he probably had his reasons.
‘Amd second of all, I’m going to teach you guys some kicks today. I know that this isn’t kickboxing, but it seemed like a fun thing to teach for once.’ Jae bumped me against the shoulder and smiled at me. I smiled back. We both wanted to try kicks for a long time.
It was fun training with Dowoon for once. It was refreshing, since I usually only trained with Jae or Namjoon. I could notice how the boy was less advanced than my usual partners, but damn I was surprised by the power that the innocent-looking boy had. Although some of his movements were sloppy or clumsy, he was strong and didn’t seem to be tired easily.
‘I’m sorry.’, he mumbled in embarrassment every time that he made a mistake. He must’ve felt pressured to do everything perfect since I was so much more advanced than him. ‘Stop apologizing, Dowoon.’, I said a bit irritated. ‘I’m sorr- I mean: yes, hyung.’ I couldn’t help but chuckle.
‘You’re doing very well, don’t worry about it, ok?’ ‘Yes, hyung.’
After I managed to more-or-less master a high kick, it was Dowoons turn to try. But unfortunately, the maknae wasn’t very flexible probably overestimated his own flexibility by kicking way too high and falling over on his back.
He hid his face in embarrassment buy luckily laughed about it too, just like me and Wonpil, who apparently saw it too from the other side of the room. ‘Dowoonie ’, I laughed while helping him up. ‘You’re so clumsy.’ He only laughed and nodded, but I saw his ears get red. ‘Let’s try it again. We can continue practicing after the training if it’s still not going well.’ Dowoon shook his head. ‘I’d like to, but I’m having a sleepover with Wonpil tonight.’ I made an ‘oh’ sound, and nodded. I felt a little bit disappointed. Maybe I’ll hang out with Jae tonight, then.

Dowoon POV

‘Come on!’ Wonpil amlost dragged me out of the building to his bike. I chuckled. Aish, this guy... I sat down on the back of his bicycle, making sure I would sit still so we had a good balance and wouldn’t fall over. ‘Am I not heavy?’, I asked. ‘You’re fine! Way lighter than Jae!’, Wonpil laughed back. We drove past a few traffic lights and shops before entering a more peaceful part of the city. Wonpil and I were best friends since our first day in kindergarten, so I could probably still walk the way to his house backwards with my eyes closed and both legs broken. Back in the elementary school days, I would come over almost every day, and sleep over every Saturday. There was a time in our first years of high school where we were both in different classes, and we wouldn’t see each other that often anymore. Luckily, we were reunited and shared our next years of high school every class together. It’s as only last year that we met the boys from boxing and befriended them.

‘Dowoon?’ I looked up from my phone and stopped spinning around on Wonpil’s desk chair. Wonpil was laying upside down on his bed and looked me in the eyes as if he about to ask something serious. ‘Do you think Jae and Brian like each other?’ I choked on my spit and without being able to control it, my entire head turned red from the tips of my ears to my collar bones. I clutched my fists to hide the fact that they were shaking. ‘I... I don’t k-know.’, I muttered. ‘Hmm, I think they do. It makes sense. They’re always together, always teasing each other and always laughing together. They’d make a good couple.’ I tried to control my breathing, but it only became faster, almost panicked. My mind became fuzzy. Jae and Brian? What Wonpil said was true, however. They were always together and they would make a good couple. It had always been like that.
‘Dowoonie? Did I say something wrong?’ ‘What!? No!’, I said, way too loud. Wonpil frowned, got up so he wasn’t upside down anymore and examined my face. ‘I did, didn’t I? What’s wrong, Dowoon?’ ‘N-Nothing.. I..’ I could see Wonpil frowing again, now tying to remember what he could’ve said that made me so panicked. ‘Do you... like any of them?’
Calm down, Dowoon. You can do this, Wonpil is your best friend, he’s cool, he’s allowed to know.
‘M-Maybe...’ Wonpil covered his mouth with his hand and started hitting and poking and hugging me. ‘Omg! Omg! Who!?’ I sighed and mumbled with disgust and shame in my voice: ‘Brian...’ ‘Why do you sound so sad about that? Isn’t that great!?’ ‘It’s not! I’m 99.9% sure he doesn’t like me back, he’s two years older than me, we’re both guys, and as you said, he would make a way better couple with Jae and if he likes boys, he would probably like Jae instead of me.’ Wonpil swung his arm around me. ‘You’re not sure if he likes you or not until you ask. Two years age difference is nothing, my ex-boyfriend and I had an age difference of four years, and I’m sure Brian wouldn’t mind it either. That you’re both boys, matters the least. And that I said that they might like each other and that they would make a good couple, is just because they’re good friends. I’ve never thought of the opportunity that you would like him or the other way around, but now I think of it, you might even make a better couple.’ I laughed joyless.
‘You’re only saying that to be nice, but thanks anyways.’ ‘I’m not. I actually think you’d fit each other well. And besides, he fucking adores you.’ ‘He doesn’t.’ ‘Have you seen the way he looks at you?’ ‘He looks at everyone like that.’ ‘Just...’ Wonpil sighed in frustration.
‘Just don’t be so insecure. That way, you’ll never achieve anything. I also want to ask you for a favor.’ A bit surprised, I nodded. ‘Don’t hate Jae. Even if he’s close with Brian or even if the he might like him or even becomes his boyfriend, I forbid you to ruin your friendship over a boy.’ I blinked a few times. Hate Jae? How could I ever hate that boy?’ I smiled at Wonpil. ‘Don’t worry about it, I fucking love Jae and Brian can’t change that. Even if he likes Jae more than he likes me, I still can’t hate him. I’ll only be happy for him that he will be be able to make Brian happy.’
We were silent for a while until Wonpil grinned and pinched my cheeks. ‘Now we’re both gay. Ohh, I’ll find myself a boyfriend and then we can go on double dates! Let’s go to a gay pride together!’ ‘Just... shut your fuck and keep your damn hands off me.’ We looked each other in the eyes and then burst out into laughter together.

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