Foto bij Episode 2 // Hotel Ruhenheim Part 2

Darkness, David was engulfed by darkness. Immediatly he was hit by waves of anxiety. It reminded him of. That time...

"Light, he had to find light." went through his head. His hand reached for the wall left from him and groped in the dark. He felt something, a switch. He flicked it. Yes! A meager lightbulb went on, bathing the room in a grim, disturbing light.

Broken furniture, shattered porcelain, cutlery spread out across the floor. A dried up puddle of brown liquid. David cried out :"To hell with it, I'm out of here." Lightningfast he turned around and reached for the door.
He shook the doorknob, charged it with all his might, it didn't even budge.

"But... But how?" David mumbled, "I came through here just a few minutes ago..."
"Every hotel has something like a storage room. I should be able to find some kind of crowbar there."
There where four ways he could go: into one of the hallways on his left and right, or up the stairs and then left and right.
"Well, they say right's the charm!"
He was greeted by a long hallway , ten doors on each side. Twenty in total.
First one. Locked
Second one. Locked
Third one. Locked
Fourth one. Locked.
Fifth one. Locked.
Sixth one. Locked
Seventh one. Locked.
Eighth one. Slowly, with a rusty creak the door swug open.

A tidy room, two beds, two chairs, a cuppboard, and a sign "Bathroom". But the doorknob was missing. Nothing else. David quickly tried the other door in the hallway. All locked.

David walked back to the central lobby and into the left hallway. Again, 20 doors, but. At the end of the hallway: a pair of large, wooden doors and a sign. "Dining hall".
Inside: a number of round, wooden tables, a bar with a kitchen knife on top, an empty bottle on the floor, and a shelf stacked with alcohol. Behid the bar: A bat (probably as a precaution against drunk guests.) Also a box. Break it open with the knife. Inside is a key.
"I should take the key and the bat with me."
David walked out of the dining hall, when suddenly.
A scream.

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