‘Jin! Jin, wait!’ I looked around and saw Wonpil run after me after the training. ‘We’re going out. Do you want to come with us?’ I looked over his shoulder and saw all the other boys standing by a car that was probably Namjoons, since he was already inside at the driver’s seat. ‘Um.. sure.’, I said shyly.
I walked back with Wonpil and greeted the others. ‘Let’s get going!’, Jae shouted exited. ‘How are we all going to fit in the car, though?’ Brian scratched the back of his head, looking puzzled at the car with five seats and then at us with seven guys. ‘Don’t worry, it’ll fit!’ Wonpil waved his hand like he was waving Brians words away.
Eventually, we ended up with me, Sungjin, Jae and Brian in the backseat, all cramped up together. Namjoon was driving, and Wonpil and Dowoon were at the passenger seat with Dowoon sitting on Wonpil’s lap.
It wasn’t a very comfortable ride, I could say. My arm felt asleep and started tingling after a while because it was pressed so hard against the side of the car that it felt like my blood circulation was getting cut off. The others with me in the backseat didn’t seem very comfortable either, Sungjin constantly complaining about Jae’s glasses poking him in the eye.
Dowoons head hit the roof of the car every time when Namjoon, who was the only one doing perfectly fine, drove over a bump in the road.
‘Dowoon, your ass is crushing my legs.’, Wonpil complained with a growl, making Brian laugh and Namjoon chuckle.
We finally arrived at the restaurant after a 15-minute drive.
Everyone was giggly and loud, and I could finally get myself to feel more comfortable with these guys. Everyone was constantly joking and laughing, especially Jae who was very giggly about the fact that he ordered a glass of apple juice with a straw.
‘Are you having fun, Jin?’, Sungjin asked. I nodded and took a sip of my coke. When I wanted to open my mouth to ask something, I accidentally let out a burp and quickly covered my mouth. Wonpil, who was sitting next to me, chuckled at me and gave me a friendly shove.
‘Do you guys go out like this often?’, I asked Sungjin, now without burping. ‘Not very often, I have to admit.’ He lowered his voice a little. ‘We usually go without Wonpil and Dowoon because they’re a bit too young for all of this. We often go to clubs and all as well, and we don’t want to get our kiddos to get in trouble or get involved into illegal activities, if you know what I mean.’ I chuckled and nodded.
‘Dowoon?’ There was a concern in Namjoons voice that made everyone look at the maknae. ‘How did you get that? Didn’t they check your age?’ Dowoon shrugged and took a sip of his whiskey. Sungjin immediately leaned over the table and snatched the glass away from the boy. ‘You’re under eighteen.’, he said in a stiff voice.
Dowoon pouted and tried grabbing his glass from over the table. ‘Come on! Don’t be like that!’, he nagged. Jae put his hand on Sungjins arm and smiled. ‘It’s ok, I’ll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t drink too much.’ After giving Jae a serious look, Sungjin gave in and pushed the glass back to Dowoon who immediately brought it up to his lips to take a big gulp. None of us saw Jae winking at Dowoon and taking a big swig of his own beer.

We all talked and laughed some more, mostly about boxing. I learned how Dowoon and Wonpil first took tennis classes together before boxing, and that Jae started boxing because he wanted to learn a classmate of his a lesson to make him stop bullying people. Brian also exuberantly told us the story about he once broke two of his knuckles in a street fight, where he punched the wall instead of his component on accident. Dowoon didn’t talk much, and we only realized how completely drunk he had gotten when he kissed Wonpil on the cheek and laughed very hard about that. Wonpil has asked him what that was for, and then realized that his friend was totally wasted when he didn’t seem to get an answer out of him.
‘Jae!’, Sungjin yelled in anger. ‘Didn’t you look out for him?’
Jae looked up at his friend with rosy cheeks and let out a soft chuckle. ‘YOLO.’, he whispered, and licked his glass instead of drinking from it. ‘Oh my god..’ Sungjin faceplamed himself.
Everyone looked up from the two drunk boys when a loud song started playing from Namjoons pocket. He got up and answered the call after whispering: ‘My girlfriend.’ to us.
He left the restaurant and talked with her outside, while we tried feeding Dowoon some water that he didn’t seem to swallow. ‘This is fucked up.’, Brian said. ‘I’ve seen Jae like this before and he’ll be fine. But Dowoon is still a child, and he has quite a small body too, so he can’t even handle much alcohol.’ He bit his thumbnail with a worried frown on his face.
Namjoon came back with a sad, frustrated look on his face. ‘She wants me to come home.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because she’s a childish person who apparently can’t live a few hours without me. Well, I’ll get going, then.’ He waved at us, and wanted to walk away. But Brian grabbed his hand and stopped him.
In a lowered voice, he spoke: ’Don’t have sex with her if you don’t want to.’ Namjoon sighed. ‘That’s easier said than done. You don’t know how manipulative she is.’ Wonpil stood up and put on his jacket. ‘I’ll go home with you.’ ‘I don’t think she’ll like that... She’ll probably immediately send you home.’ ‘But what if I can’t go home?’ ‘But you can.’ ‘Not if we tell her that I hurt my ankle and... umm... lost my keys on the way here. We’ll tell her that my parents are away for the night and that I have to sleep over at your place.’ Namjoon smirked and ruffles Wonpil’s hair. ‘I have to admit that that would be great. Thanks, I appreciate it.’

So they went home and left us with five boys instead of seven. ‘We should get Dowoon and Jae home before they start doing stupid stuff that they will regret.’, Sungjin decided. ‘Jae and I almost live in the same street, I can take him there with the bus. And you, Brian, you can walk Dowoon to his house that’s prett close by. And then you can take the bus home as well. Jin, you’ll be ok, right?’ ‘Yes, I’ll call a taxi to drive me home.’ Brian stood up to go and pay the bill but I pulled him down. ‘I’ll pay for it.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes, of course.’
I swallowed.
I’m going to be so broke after this

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