Here it is, the first scene of Act III. Act III has 14 scenes in total, and they are in general a bit longer than the scenes of the previous acts. Many thanks to kilalala, Luckey, and VampireMouse for reviewing the last piece. Also, I hope you all had a happy Kingsday (for those who celebrated it).

‘Anna? Wie gibt’s?’ Tom yelled in her ear, loud music sounding in the background.
Taking a deep breath, Anna rubbed at her face, forcing the sleep from her eyes as she gathered her thoughts. ‘What? Tom is this you?’
‘Yes! How are you?’
‘Tired, is something wrong?’
‘Wrong? No! It’s our last night in Germany, we are coming back to LA tomorrow.’
She sighed, ‘Why are you calling me Tom, it’s the middle of the…-‘
‘Hold on a sec, Anna.’
Anna grumbled impatiently, having half a mind to just end the call right then. In hindsight, she wished she had.
‘Ja ja, bin ich doch hier, Liebling? Natürlich…’ The wet, disgusting sound of lips meeting followed and Anna had had more than enough. If there was anything that she did not want to be woken up for in the middle of the night, it was to be a forced spectator of someone else’s love life. Least of all Tom’s. She knew the rumours, had heard the nickname he was called by, but had little desire to be directly in contact with that side of him. However, she was not just disgusted, she was annoyed. She was about to hang up the phone when crackling sounded – and for a moment she thought he had hung up himself.
‘Anna?’ A familiar voice asked, though it wasn’t Tom. ‘This is Gustav. You know how he gets. I’ll make sure he calls you back in the morning – and apologises…’
‘Thanks Gustav, but it’s fine. I’ll be going back to sleep though. Enjoy the rest of your night.’

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