Yep, Anna forgot her own birthday -- or maybe just didn't care enough about it.
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When she arrived back home that evening, Shelly had surprised her with two cupcakes, decorated with strawberry fondant shaped in a “2” and a “4” and a lighted birthday candle placed in each. When Anna busied herself with blowing out the candles – more out of tradition than any real desire to make a wish – her friend had picked up the flowers she had indecorously dropped on the kitchen counter, and had started arranging them in a vase.
‘What do you want me to do with the card?’
‘Card?’ Anna said, licking the pink fondant from her finger.
‘The card in the flowers.’
Furrowing her brows, Anna had moved over and took the tiny card from her friend’s outstretched hand. As her eyes scanned the text inside, the frown deepened. ‘Fuck…’
My dearest Anna,
With this card I hope to express everything that I will never be able to say to you in person. How deeply I admire you. How much I care about you. How ardently I love you – and always have. Life has not been kind on you this last year, and I know you are still very much healing. I can wait, however, and will still be here if you ever decide to give romance another chance.Happy birthday. All my love, Josh

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    Hahaha Tom is leuker!

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    O gawd. Please no.
    Tom, do something! D:

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    Josh klinkt als een leuke jongen maar maakt geen schijn van kans tegen Tom(cool)

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    Aaah cutee... Maaruh doe maar in de prullenbak.

    @tom! Ga zelf ff zo een mooi briefje schrijven. Huphup

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    Ondanks dat ik hoop dat ze met Tom samen kom is dit wel heel lief van josh haha

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