Thank you to VampireMouse, Fielding, and kilalala for the reviews!! I of course completely agree with you; Bill is a total cutie! (:

Surprisingly, Bill had stayed for dinner. And even more surprisingly, Anna found she was glad for it. For once, dinner was not a one-sided affair of Shelly talking and Anna nodding along at the right times and asking questions when she felt obliged to. Although Anna was still very much the silent conversation partner, she actively listened to and enjoyed the animated conversation going on between her university friend and her teenage idol. In fact, she felt almost normal as she listened as the two rattled on about the latest fashion, and she smiled a bit to herself when she finally walked Bill back to the front door.
‘Thanks for coming,’ Anna said honestly as he grabbed his leather jacket from the coat rack. ‘I really appreciate it.’
Bill flashed her a sweet smile, one that made her inner teenager a little week in the knees. ‘No problem at all; that’s what friends are for, right? Just get back at Tom, okay? He means well.’
‘I know.’

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  • xissuesx

    Wauw, normaal lees ik geen Engelse story's omdat het me hindert. Vele schrijven het niet goed of er zijn woorden die ik zelf niet eens begrijp maar dit verhaal is super. Je hebt er een nieuw abonneetje bij. Schrijf snel verder!

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ze moet inderdaad Tom niet buitensluiten van haar gevoelens

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Laat Tom mee eten! Verder!!!

    2 jaar geleden

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